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    Video and audio out of sync after conversion

    Some of the videos converters are not capable of converting videos files in an efficient manner but the AVI to MP4 converter is the best converter that helps you to convert your AVI files to MP4 files, as some media applications and portable media devices do not support AVI and require conversion, such as iPhone, iPod, iPad, HTC and so on, while MP4 is a video format commonly found on numerous portable media devices due to its high compression and high quality output. So you need to convert your AVI files to MP4 file format. It even helps you to convert your video files to MP4 that can be played in any popular portable device such as MP4, PSP, iPod Touch, Zune, Mobile phone, iPod, PS3, iPhone, Apple TV. For More Information: http://www.video-converters.org/avi-mp4-converter.php