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  1. Eliterival

    Roxio Capture Card Revisions?

    Will there be any new roxio capture cards coming out in the future that capture 60fps?
  2. I use the roxio hd pro and I am wondering why we dont have a feature to add a microphone in the roxio hd pro software this would make this item 100% better if this was added also the roxio hd pro software is really buggy and tends to use 100% of my cpu recording 10,000kbps while other softwares like the gamer cap only uses 60% of my cpu while recording with 15,000kbps and recording the mic in software so it is possible and will this ever be added?
  3. Eliterival

    I Am Planning To Sell My Roxio Hd Pro To A Friend

    so how will they be able to use the software?
  4. I am planning to sell my roxio hd pro to a friend and I was wondering if he will need a new license key to use the software I still have the original code but will it work for my friend or will he have to buy a new license key?
  5. Eliterival

    Why The Roxio Hd Pro Is Among The Worst Hd Capture Cards

    Thanks but I still would like to see a feature where it lets you use a usb mic and record live audio it would save a lot of time! THANKS!!!
  6. Here are some things that need to be fixed with the roxio hd pro. First off I use a roxio hd pro and have grown very fond of it, its just that this capture card software needs alot of work. Here are my reason that the roxio hd pro gives me a headache: Reason 1: No mic recording feature while using the capture feature, This is usually available in all high grade capture card softwares like the elgato. THIS IS THE REASON MOST PEOPLE DONT LIKE THIS CAPTURE CARD. Reason 2: The software can be very glitchy while stopping a recording, staring a recording, and also starting and stopping livestreams. Reason 3: No option to record livestreams. Reason 5: No option to use a camera in livestreams and while recording. These features need to be added because they give me and probably most people a headache and make us want to switch to a different capture card so PLEASE FIX THESE!!!