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  1. I have a similar problem with the Creator NXT2. It can capture the feed from my Sharp viewcam hi-fi monaural 8 with tape from 2001 on up. The playback speed in the computer is too fast and the controls in the Media player does not work. Also, the sound is chopped up and garbled. I have tried the avi (default setting) and the MPEG 2 setting, but the results are the same. I noticed that there are 2 threads to this problem going back to 2013 but no decision on what will correct the problem. Is there any resolution of this problem? My computer setup is: Windows 7 home premium, service pack 1 The computer is an HP p7-1187, Intel cor i5-2400CPU@3.10GHz 3.10GHz 8G ram, 64 bit I am using a Roxio video converter that came with my original VHS to DVD program about 4 year ago. What was the fix for this problem as it seems it still can happen? Thanks, Matt Guzzetta