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  1. Karza

    Strange Audio Jump

    Right click > Run with graphics processor > High-performance NVIDIA processor (default) Integrated graphics I'm given the option to use either one.
  2. Karza

    Strange Audio Jump

    Yeah,I make sure to open the program using the NVIDIA graphics card.I did try running it with the Intel HD graphics once to see if anything would change,it didn't fix anything. I never even run the web cam on this thing.So if by disabled you mean the led light for it is off and it's not in use when I'm running GameCap,then yeah,it's disabled. It's a shame my i5 processor is at the minimum system requirement.I thought it was a decent enough processor.On the Dell website where I got the computer it said "4th Generation Intel® Core™ i5-4210U processor (3M Cache, up to 2.7 GHz)".Probably a noob question,but how do I make it reach that potential,and if it can reach it,would it even solve my problem?
  3. Karza

    Strange Audio Jump

    I'm running the standard one.This is the forum for the standard one,right?
  4. Karza

    Strange Audio Jump

    Here you go. DxDiag.txt
  5. Karza

    Strange Audio Jump

    I'm not entirely sure what my power settings are,but they are not on power saver,I know that for sure. Airplane mode basically turns off the WiFi and such.So it should theoretically make it run better. I'm certain everything I disable is not necessary to the system.I don't think I'm disabling absolutely everything that's not necessary,but just the things I know aren't necessary.Things like Skype and iTunes background processes,I'm pretty sure I don't need those running. I have tried running Roxio GameCap without changing a single thing on my system before/during use,I still had problems.That's why I resorted to trying everything I could think of to speed up my computer.
  6. Karza

    Strange Audio Jump

    The video I have there is edited down from a 4 minute video.It happened 4 times throughout the whole video.I've done some testing on a shorter song which only goes between 1-2 minutes.It will happen at least once at any random time.It's not after a set amount of minutes or seconds.It seems it will do it roughly once a minute,but it's not exactly on the dot or anything. I put my laptop in airplane mode and temporarily disable my antivirus shields while I record.I think the only thing I had running other than Roxio GameCap would be task manager.I cancel some background processes for things I'm certain aren't important system processes.I even set Roxio's priority to high to see if that would make a difference,unfortunately it doesn't. I have 825GB free on my HDD.My laptop came with a 1TB HDD,so it has hardly anything on it.
  7. When I record a video,it works a dream...until it does a weird audio jump.It only happens for about 2-3 seconds,and the rest of the time the video is fine.If you can stand my terrible singing (I used Rock Band for this example because it captures the phenomenon well),here's a <15 second video: http://youtu.be/GALjpEvPLDg If it helps to know,I have a Dell Inspiron laptop running Windows 8.1.It has 8gb RAM,a 2gb NVIDIA GeForce graphics card and an Intel i5 processor.I only got the laptop last month so it's very new.