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    Elgato Turbo .264 Hd Support

    This is my 2nd forum topic so please don't think I am a serial moaner! I own a Elgato Turbo .264 HD hardware device. I was glad to hear that Toast supported this device so I purchased Toast 12. I noticed in preferences that the option to use this device was enabled, however, I am not convinced that this device is being used as the LED that normally turns on when the device is in use does not light during conversion when using Toast. Using the Elgato Software that came with the Turbo hardware I timed the conversion of a 5gb MP4 file to a Apple TV (1080P) supported format. This took 9 minutes compared to Toast which took 12 so I assume it was not using the hardware device. I purchased Toast so I could have an all in one solution rather than using multiple tools. Is there anything more that I have to do to ensure this hardware device is indeed supported?
  2. tpiper

    Avi Movie Format Conversion Issue

    I have an AVI movie file that I want to convert to a M4V file. The conversion seem to complete but when playing the file there is no audio. When loading the AVI in to Toast I noticed that the AU Filter button is no enabled and also playing the video from within the application produces no sound at all. I have used Elgato Turbo 264 HD application which converts the file without the audio issue. I then used ffmeg to convert the file to mp3 and mov files and both worked without any glitches. So is the an underlaying problem with Toast that affects conversion from AVI or any other files for that matter?