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  1. Sknis, thanks for the link. Before posting in here i had seen those in the forums and i have tried them, but with no success. I'm not sure what to do now as it appears that i have paid for a software that doesn't want to work. It's really frustrating. All i need is the NXT Pro 2 solution :-)
  2. After having issues trying to install Creator NXT Pro2, i can say thank you to Rox-Ralf for resetting my installation count. I have now installed NXT2 b ut have encountered another problem. When i try to use anything i am met with a message saying that , "Critical Registry keys neened for this application are missing. To repair this issue open Add/Remove Program from the control panel. Locate this application, double click it, then select Repair. Further assistance contact customer services" I Have done this a couple of times and nothing happens. I still cant use the program. What can we do to fix this?