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    White Grainy Overlay On Video

    So is there a fix for this? Or am I going to have to move to a new editor of some kind? Edit: Just started editing a new video. If you look closely, it looks like it squeezes the image in white it's bright then goes to normal.
  2. Whenever I render a video, there's a white grainy overlay over the whole screen. It's only at the beginning, end, and when ever an overlay is removed or added onto the video. Link for example of graininess at beginning: Link for overlay example, skip to 16:28:
  3. While I've been doing test recordings I've noticed my footage is incomplete. For example I record the gameplay, go into the editor and just export it. Upon reviewing the footage, it skips ahead a few seconds as if the gameplay was not recorded. The audio cuts out from time to time also. Please help.