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    Photo Projects In Mydvd

    Thanks for the tip, I will give it a try. Still, it seems like a lot of extra steps to be able to do something that has been in the program for some time!
  2. bobfairman

    Photo Projects In Mydvd

    I am a wedding photographer and just upgraded from Creator 6 to 8. I open MyDVD, change the default Menu to Wedding, go to Add New Movie and drag my photos there, add transitions, etc. No problem so far. After I complete a movie on the Groom, I start a new movie for the Bride, and so on until I have the wedding day covered. In Creator 6, all of those movies would play one after the other, but I am unable to do that in 8, as the "settings" option to link them in View is greyed out and not available. The movies all play ok, but when one is finished, I have to return to the menu and play the next one manually. I am also unable to add a thumbnail image to that movie (greyed out in DVD Menu). I have tried everything I can think of to fix these issues, but no luck. Anyone else have any suggestions?