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  1. HELP! HELP !HELP ! PLEASE #1 15 days ago I bought this product (Toast Pro 12) in hopes that i could burn an iMovie ( of dancers) into a dvd It was filmed in HD on a canon i call myself burning it using the DVD-Video method that is suppose to hold 4 hours of video for playback on a set top DVD player or on Mac and Windows PC's using DVD PLAYBACK SOFTWARE IT WILL PLAY ON MY NEW Macbook pro 13" but not on my desktop mac,or the dvd player at school. I gave a copy to a friend and she said it would not play on her PC computer or dvd player. I am so mad and don't know what to do after spending so much money for this program. #2 - to get tech support you need a support code- but i downloaded toast pro 12 and dot see a support code with 9 digits - i have A order# and costumer number but where is the support code #? YOU'D THINK AFTER PAYING FOR THIS PRODUCT -COSTUMER SERVICE WOULD BE EASIER TO REACH HHHHHHEEEELLLLPPPP ME Somebody Please Thanks a lot....DCGypsy