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    How Many Photos On A Dvd?

    Thanks. Time to try.
  2. Recently my wife and I an another couple returned from a vacation. Many, many photos were taken and I was given the job of turning them into a slideshow and burning a DVD. For simplicity, let’s assume that there will be no video, no audio, just photos. I will probably divide the photos into five or six groups, create a VideoWave production from each group, and then combine them into a MyDVD production. My question is this: what would be the maximum (guesstimate/ ballpark) number of photos I could include in what I hope to create? Thanks.
  3. rufus

    Sequence Of Movies Played

    It's been a month now and no replies. So I guess that I have the answer to my question.
  4. I have created and saved a project in MyDVD. There are 8 short movies. In Project Settings/Movie buttons there are two options: 1) Play movie only and 2) Play movie and all remaining movies in project. I have selected the second option. Here’s what happens. The viewer selects a movie from the menu. After the movie finishes, the first of the 8 movies begins. This is not what I want. I think I am misunderstanding “remaining”. I thought it meant “following” – that is, after the selected movie finishes, play all the following movies on the menu. Is there any way I can do that? Thanks.
  5. rufus

    Ideal Photo Size

    I start with Slideshow Assistant because I find it much easier to rearrange the order of the imported photos in Slideshow Assistant than Videowave. I will begin exploring ISO in the near future. (I just ordered Creator 2011.) Thanks for your reply.
  6. rufus

    Ideal Photo Size

    Hi. Recently I posted a question in this discussion area about the maximum view time of a DVD. The answer seems to be about 1 hour. Another question, perhaps related, has occurred to me. Generally what I do is bring a lot of photos into Slideshow Assistant, then moved it (after saving it) to VideoWave where I add one or more short pieces of video and some audio, and then save the file. In MyDVD I create a production using one of the menu systems, save it, and then burn it. (I have never used an ISO file because I didn’t know anything about it, but will soon begin to look at that.) My questions relates to the photos. Is there an ideal size for the photo to be included in the production? A maximum size? Minimum size? Would an ideal size be somewhere near the average of maximum and minimum? The size of my photos, as they come from the camera, is 2592x1944 at 180ppi. Thanks.
  7. rufus

    Where Is Videowave?

    Thanks, but VideoWave is in neither location. You're probably right about the OEM version. One other point (that I omitted in my original post), in case anyone else is reading this: the full title of what I have is Roxio Creator Premier Blu-ray 10.3
  8. rufus

    Where Is Videowave?

    Hi. Something called Roxio Creator Premier came with my new Dell computer. I have used previous versions of Creator, the most recent being Creator 2009. Today I ran the program for the first time, starting with Slideshow Assistant. When I reached the final step there was no option to move the slideshow to VideoWave. So I saved the slideshow and closed Slideshow Assistant. I then returned to the Premier Home page and start looking for VideoWave, but couldn't find it. Has its name changed since Creator 2009? Is it only accessible through another application? What am I missing? Two final questions. I realize that the program is a trial version but nowhere could I find how long the trial period lasts. Does anyone know? Just what is "Premier"? On the Roxio site I see Creator 2011 and Creator 2011 Pro. Is Premier just the name of the trial version? If not, what is the Premier version? (Perhaps, it's Creator 2011 with VideoWave missing. ) Thanks.
  9. Thank you both. Now on to my next decision.
  10. Hi. I am posting my topic here because I may end up purchasing Creator 2011. Before I ask my question, let me start with a little background. I have used Creator 2009 for the last couple of years and earlier versions before that. There have been a few problems but, with help from these forums, the problems were solved. I have recently moved to a new Windows 7 computer and checked the Microsoft compatibility page for Creator 2009. What I found there was somewhat confusing. It says that Creator 2009, version 10, is compatible. (The picture of the box is not the same as my box.) The Microsoft page also lists Creator 2009 (no version number; box looks like mine) is not compatible. The version number for my copy of Creator 2009 (still on my XP machine) is 111B10E. So my first question is: is my version 111B10E compatible with Windows 7? I have used Creator primarily at Christmas time when I create photo and video family DVDs for my four children and their families. It’s approaching the time when I will begin to organize for this year’s DVDs, hopefully with Creator 2009 but, if not, either 2010 or 2011. Prior to last year there was never a problem getting all the photos and video onto a DVD. However last year I had to shorten some videos in order to get them to fit. (I must be taking more and more photos and videos.) It seems that the max run/view time for the DVD is about 1 hour. I anticipate that the productions for this year’s DVDs will exceed an hour, but probably not by much. I have done some reading in these forums and found that others have had the same issue. A common reply was that, yes, an hour is about as much as will fit onto a DVD. However, I seem to remember reading a couple of suggestions. (Sorry, I looked again recently and couldn’t find the sources.) I think someone mentioned creating an ISO file and burning that to the disk might give a few extra minutes. I never burned my DVDs that way. I just created the pieces, attached them to a menu and burned. So my next questions are: is 1 hour about the max time? If not, what can I do to get view time to exceed an hour? Thanks for reading this rather wordy post.
  11. rufus

    Blank Panels In Slide Show

    Thanks for your quick reply. Not only was it helpful, but it generated several more questions – if you don’t mind. First, let me complete (I hope) the description of my computer. It is a Dell desktop E510 and the display adaptor is Radeon X600 256MB Hypermemory. As I wrote in the previous email, the other info about the computer is that it is 4 years old, is running XP media edition, Service Pack3, 2GB RAM, 3.2GHz Pentium D. My hard disc has 66 GB of free space. And, as far as I know, a year or so ago, at the prompting of Creator 2009, I downloaded and installed the most recent driver, which was dated 2006. Next. I seem to have been unclear here. No, I would never do that. I never thought I had a computer problem. The problems I was encountering happened when I was using past versions of Creator. As I said, I liked many features of Creator and was hoping that a newer version would fix some of the problems I was having. To be honest, I definitely shy away from opening the computer’s case. My reluctance is based on a couple of problems, a long time ago, that were caused by whatever I did under the hood. I have, in fact, often looked at task manager to view what was using resources. That, in part, was a reason for me not running Paint Shop Pro – and IE as well – when using Creator. I now occasionally check task manager just before, and sometimes during the use of Creator, In fact, I did just that earlier today when I started VideoWave (email closed, antivirus off) and tried again to produce a video with no black panels. The black panels returned again, but in different locations. Tried a second time: same result but black panels in still different locations. You used the term 3D transitions. I never really thought about them that way but, yes, I guess many do give the impression of 3D. However, almost all the transitions in most of the videos I make and burn (including the most recent) are dissolves – the default transitions from Slideshow Assistant - which don’t strike me as 3D. But more than just my impressions, is there an objective way to tell the difference between a 2D transition and a 3D transition? Moreover, references to rendering are puzzling to me. After I read the posts and saw both “software rendering” and “hardware rendering” I realized that never thought about the difference between the two and, in fact, never knew there was a distinction. So I did a little web searching earlier today, but came away with the feeling that I had learned nothing. You say that From this, I assume that, by default, Creator uses software rendering? Am I correct in this assumption? Another assumption is that hardware rendering doesn’t use the CPU. What does hardware rendering use? You wrote This raises another question. Do I have the option, using Creator 2009, to select software or hardware rendering? If so, how do I do that? I appreciate your reading thus far. I will end with one last item that deals, I guess, with the video card. My wife's computer is over 9 years old. It is slow and often unresponsive. Our plans are, within the next couple of months, to buy a new computer for me and pass my current computer to her. Since I will continue to do this video thing, do you have suggestions about the video card in the next computer. One easy response is to get the top of the line offered. However, I know video cards can be expensive. Is there some recommendation that you can make in terms of minimum (rather than maximum) specifications of the video card that should go into the new computer? Again, thank you for you reply and for considering the matters I have written in this posting. rufus
  12. rufus

    Blank Panels In Slide Show

    Hi. I came today to this forum having recently encountered the problem described – and not for the first time. My computer is a Dell, running XP media edition, Service Pack3, 2GB RAM, 3.2GHz Pentium D. My hard disc has 66 GB (out of 144) of free space. The computer is about 4 years old. Most recently I wanted to make a DVD of some photos and a few small pieces of video from a just finished vacation. I began by loading the photos into Slideshow Assistant. Next I sent the slideshow to VideoWave and added the video pieces and some background audio. I previewed the finished product and found no problems. I then loaded the VideoWave product into MyDVD, previewed the result (again, no problem) and burned the DVD. Watched the DVD on my DVD player connected to my TV. No problems. I then realized that there was an important photo that I had omitted, so I added the photo, and a transition, to the VideoWave product and saved the new product. Opened the new product in MyDVD and previewed the result before burning. Now several of the photos had been replaced by black panels. I have since repeated those steps several times: open edited VideoWave in MyDVD, preview, see black panel instead of photo – and it’s not always the same photos. Sometimes a photo appears that used to be a black panel and sometimes a photo that had been viewed previously now is a black panel. So I now have a DVD that works, but is missing one photo I would to have on it. I mentioned earlier that this is not the first time the problem has happened. Creator 2009 has informed me that my video driver may be out of date. I downloaded the most recent driver, but I still keep getting that notice. I have found – at least in my case – that Creator and Paint Shop Pro don’t seem to like each other, so whenever I use Creator I am sure that PSP is not running. I have even done a clean reinstall of Creator, but the problem with the black panel persists. I also mentioned that this is not the first time that the black panels have occurred. I have made DVDs of previous vacations. I make DVDs as Christmas presents for my children and their families. I have been doing this for at least the last 4 or 5 years, perhaps a little longer. The only product I have used has been Roxio, but there has always been some problems associated with the product. The black panels is the one that seems to reoccur. I am now at the point where I am considering looking for different software. So I write this to ask some general questions, not for specific suggestions about how to prevent the black panels from appearing in Creator. I believe my video driver – the most recent version – is old, perhaps back to 2006, about the time I purchased the computer. If the old video driver is at least part of the cause, the what would be your recommendations regarding buying newer versions of Creator? How critical is the driver issue? Before I bought Creator 2009 should I have checked to see how current the latest driver was? For a product labeled 2009, how new should a video driver be? The statement was made about closing programs that were not required to make Creator run. Isn’t this a bit drastic? Why should a person have to go to such extremes to make a product work? Granted (as I think I discovered with Paint Shop Pro) sometimes there are conflicts between programs and so one might need to be shut down in order to make the other work. But it shouldn’t have to be the individual user who needs do discover the conflicts through trial and error. Why can there be some information from Roxio about such conflicts, or perhaps a thread here in the forums? What about the suggestion to delete the transitions? I don’t understand what is being said here. (No, I haven’t tried that.) I’m stopping now because I am aware of the amount I have written. But, as you should be able to easily tell, I write from frustration. There are a lot of nice, convenient, and easy to use features in Creator 2009 as well as the previous versions I have used, but the frustration of doing the initial work only to run into problems at the very end is most unpleasant. Well, thanks for reading my rants. rufus
  13. Sorry, but I forgot to ask this in my last post. You mentioned Revo Uninstaller in Moderate mode. As I said, I did use Revo but I don't understand "mode". Could you explain? Thanks.
  14. Through the Start/Programs menu I decided to try each of the 11 individual apps listed. They all loaded with no proble. I didn't bother to check if/how they worked. Interestingly, while I was loading MyDVD, a window opened telling me that there was an update available(April 2009). I downloaded and ran the update and - you guessed it - Creator is back running as I remember it. I never thought to check for updates before trying to reinstall. Oh well, it seems that the problem is fixed. Thanks again for your help.
  15. For the third time trying to uninstall Roxio Creator 2009, I carried out instructions listed in Roxio’s KB document 00206CR and also deleted the folder C:\Documents and Settings\user name\Local Settings\Application Data\Sonic_Solutions After that I ran Revo Uninstaller but no Roxio or Sonic applications were found. I reinstalled Creator (without getting an interrupted error) and clicked the Desktop shortcut icon. The result was the same as before: an error window displaying (in part) the message “Roxio Creator has encountered a problem and needs to close". I looked at the Properties of the Desktop shortcut and found Target C:\Program Fies\Roxio Creator 2009\Roxio Central 4\RoxioCentralFx.exe Start in C:\Program Fies\Roxio Creator 2009\Roxio Central 4\ In the Roxio Central 4folder I find the application file RoxioCentralFx, as well as RoxioCentralFx.exe.config, a web configuration file, and RoxioCentralFxRes.dll, an application extension. I don’t know what else to do, what else to tell you or what else to try. As I wrote above, I have uninstalled and (unsuccesfully) reinstalled Creator three times. Any other ideas, suggestions? Thanks.