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  1. hello there, i installed everything by the book, program runs, but there seems to be no video signal. specs of my pc are windows 7 64-bit 3GHz processor 8GB Ram Asus Hd 6870 1gb graphic card windows media player Dvd writer several usb 2.0 ports Also does my computer falls out completly when i pull out the usb cable, even when the program isn't running any more. and is it normal that the little black box that splits the cable from usb to vhs cable gets hot? please help me on this one i'm desperate at this moment, don't know what to do with it anymore much greetings
  2. And the magix software comes with its own usb device
  3. The connection you speak of, i already have, isn’t that the cable i posted a picture of? This cable has on one end an scart connection and on the other side of the cable an s-video and audio connection? Even with this cable no video signal.
  4. today i have bought the same program but by magix, the same is happening, no video signal. So now i know the problem is on my pc. the fact my pc doesn't support video images comming in with usb, can i fix this somehow? greetings
  5. I use the same cable i bought, and use to connect to the roxio cable. But not the roxio cable, because i haven’t got an usb entrance on my tv. Greetings
  6. Yes, i can see that the 2 roxio are there, and they are just under each other.
  7. Yes that is what i see, bout roxio files under each other
  8. i have mounted an dvd player on it now. again with roxio no image, no sound. with the other program sound but no image
  9. ok, sorry i'm from belgium, my English is not the best. i will try this now. meanwhile i have tried some other software for capturing vhs and there i already have sound but no image. is it normal that my usb device is set as an audio device? is this normal? if this is the problem can it be changed?
  10. my brother has been here, no luck, with 2 other vcr players that work on my tv, still no luck on my pc. i have read the instruction guide, and did everything by the book is there a way to test if there is a signal comming in my pc? not there for in the program but in the pc? greetings
  11. the cable i bought is http://mycom.be/desktops-randapparatuur/kabels/beeld/131409/icidu-scartcable-2m i have checked de vcr player at my tv, this one is working, just in cause my brother is comming over today with another vcr player. i tried to place the usb now at the back main usb ports now, that also does not work. i have been searching other posts here, and checked everything you guys have sujested yet. Is there a way to find where the signal is comming in and manually direct that signal to the program? Or is there a way to see if the signal is comming in anyway? greetings
  12. pc doesn't crash anymore when i pull out the usb cable. But i stil have no video signal. I even bought a new cable, this time a s-video cable to scart. And still no luck i have done the steps you said twice, still nothing ?????????????????? i starting to think i have made mistake bying this software what is wrong and why doesn't it works with me? please help greetings