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    Roxio Won't Register Hdmi For Wii U

    So I got a Wii U, and was hoping to get around to recording a playthrough of Wind Waker HD and Hyrule Warriors for my channel, but I'm having difficulty trying to get Roxio to use the HDMI cables. I have the 2 HDMI cables; 1 was included with the Wii U, the other I just bought at Walmart. I have the HDMI Output going to the TV and the HDMI Input going to the Wii U. The issue is that the capture software is getting no signal from the console, and it's also not showing output on the TV. I don't know if there's a certain setting I need on the Roxio to get it to use the HDMI. I currently have the AV/Composite cables plugged in too if that's an issue. If anyone could provide me with some more information, it would be greatly appreciated. On a side note, my AV cables are acting up. When I try and run my Wii U on the composite cables now, the screen goes haywire and is staticy.