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  1. BD Baby

    Bd Burn Speed

    Thanks for the quick response. Sorry if this seems pessimistic but 1x speed ? Invested in the best Blu-ray Writer, the best discs (or so I'm told) not to mention Toast with the Blu-ray plug-in and all that only reaps a 1x burn speed ? Realistically, had I known this would be the result it's doubtful I would've taken the time to install the Blu-ray writer, purchase the discs and the software. Thumbs down guys.
  2. BD Baby

    Bd Burn Speed

    Have a Mac with an LG 16x Blu-ray Writer and a Verbatim 6x Blu-ray disc and yet it's only writing at 1x speed. Is there some setting that can be changed or does it (Toast) automatically decide what speed to write at ?