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    Toast Hd/bd Plug In Will Not Install

    Thank you Rox-Ralf for the new serial number. The HD/BD plug-in successfully installed and I can see it within the Toast 12 program. I appreciate the quick response. Please consider this item resolved.
  2. payloadone

    Toast Hd/bd Plug In Will Not Install

    Thanks Rox-Ralf for the reply. I am certain I entered the correct code for the HD/BD Plug-in. Yes, OWC provided on the DVD envelope separate serial numbers for Toast 12 and the HD/BD plug-in. The Toast 12 serial number entered into the installer and installed with no problem. There were "zero's with the plug in serial number that I also tried letter "O" just to be sure and I still have the same no install possible result with a greyed out "Next" button. (There were no I's to confuse with 1with my case). I tried both serial numbers for the HD/BD plug in but the serial number for the HD/BD plug in is clearly labeled - again no success. I have successfully registered both products on the Roxio site and received e-mail conformation; however, in neither case was a support code sent so I can't enter Roxio's tech support to submit a trouble ticket. It seems they are not set up to handle a physical software delivery of their software from an outside source (OWC in my case). If I had performed an electronic dowload, then Digital River would have a reference to me and then they would be able to assist me. BTW, just for fun, I did enter the Mac OS "safe mode" and I had the same result as normal startup without success installing the HD/BD plug-in.
  3. payloadone

    Toast Hd/bd Plug In Will Not Install

    Purchased BD bundle from OWC with Toast 12 Titanium and Roxio HD/BD Plug in on physical DVD. No problem installing Toast 12. Registered both software programs and received email acknowledging the registrations but no support codes were given with either email acknowledgement. The Roxio HD/BD plug in will not install on my Mac Pro (2013 model) using OS 10.9.5. The HD/BD installer has a line to accept the HD/BD plug in serial number but when I enter the registered serial number, the "Next" button remains grayed out so installation of the HD/BD plug in does not take place. Since the software was delivered in a physical disk, Digital River can not help me. Roxio has not sent me a support code for either of my registered software products (Toast 12 Titanium or the HD/BD Plug-in) so I am rather orphaned in this tech support loop where I can't get into Roxio and get this problem resolved. Any help would be appreciated.