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    Mp4 Recordings Vanish

    Hello all, I have recently run into a problem I had not yet encountered, as I usually record in M2TS. However, upon wasting 40 minutes of recording in MP4, I discovered a small problem. Basically, after recording an MP4 recording, a progress bar will appear labelled "Waiting" and it takes a few seconds, regardless of the length of the video. Once the progress bar has completed, I go to the folder where my videos save and... nothing. The MP4 is gone. It's there DURING the recording, but once I stop recording, it just vanishes. It doesn't matter how long the video is or the input I use, it always goes missing. From what I've read, the Roxio still records in M2TS, but converts it to MP4 after you stop recording. If that's the case, then surely I'll still have a recording in my save folder. But I do not. If I record directly in M2TS, I have no such problem and the file stays. But MP4 doesn't... it just goes away never to return. I've searched the drive for the missing files, but nothing. I assume this isn't normal behaviour? If it does indeed convert the file to MP4, then where is it? If anyone can shed some light on this, I'd be grateful. Thanks!!
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    Not Sure About Power/status Leds

    So I had no idea where to put this, as it isn't to with capturing, or the sofware... so I placed in hardware. So basically, I've seen photos of other peoples RGC HD Pro, and I can clearly see the bright blue power LED on top, and prominent LEDs in the inputs, for HDMI or Component. But I've noticed that MY RGC HD Pro has the bright blue LED on top as it should, but there is also a definite RED colour in there as well. As a result, the blue LED almost looks purple. It's a similar deal with the input status LEDs. They're barely visible, and if I look REALLY close they also have a slight red tint to them (possibly from the LED making it red on top). I mean, I haven't seen this in any photos of the RGC HD Pro, so I'm lead to believe this is not normal, at least from what I've seen. I've tried taking some photos to show you what I mean, but unfortunately that hasn't worked out too well, as the blue LED is too bright for the camera. Anyway, is what I'm seeing normal? Or not normal? Any helps would be grand.
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    Mp4 Recordings Vanish

    Thanks for clearing some things up for me. Annoyingly, I do tend to record videos at over an hour, so losing the video just because I recorded in MP4 is a little concering. That being the case, I'll stick with M2TS for the recordings to make life simpler. I have heard though that the problem COULD be down to the K-Lite Codec Pack, which I do actually use. Has it been confimred that the codec pack IS a possible cause, or was it just conicidence that uninstalling it fixed the issue? But thank you again for the info!