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  1. SeventeenthStar

    Staying On Hdmi Problem With Ps4

    Okay!! I solved the problem!! I didn't know this even existed, but in the System Settings for the PS4 (Settings > System) there is an option for "Enable HDCP" Of course, after unchecking that it started working. I should have known to check the PS4 settings more thoroughly. Thank you so much for your help!!
  2. SeventeenthStar

    Staying On Hdmi Problem With Ps4

    I have tried that as well and it also made no difference. (I've done a surprising amount of things to try and fix this now that I think about it...)
  3. SeventeenthStar

    Staying On Hdmi Problem With Ps4

    I forgot to mention that I have updated! So it should be working as far as I'm aware! But it isn't.
  4. SeventeenthStar

    Staying On Hdmi Problem With Ps4

    Hey, first post! I'm having an issue with my Roxio Game Capture when I try to stream with my PS4. I set it up and in the first moment everything looks like it's gonna be great and it's connected when out of nowhere it switches to component cables and the screen in the program turns blue and it tells me "no signal." It even jumps back and forth from HDMI to component so it shows me what's playing on my PS4 for a moment before jumping back to the blue screen again. Sometimes it still says it's still on HDMI but still switches back and forth rapidly from "ready" to "no signal" Random info that may prove useful: I am 99% sure that I have everything connected properly. I've done loads of streams before, but have never attempted it with my PS4 until today. I am using HDMI cables, not component cables. My laptop is surprisingly heavy duty and has little to no problem streaming before. It's never gotten overheated or anything like that either. I have tried different HDMI cords to make sure they're not the problem. Thank you for any help!!!