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    No Video Signal Only During Play

    Got it. The tracking was way off. I had to spend about 30 minutes just adjusting the tracking.
  2. Hi! I just bought Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 today. I installed the software (Windows 7) and then hooked up my VCR with the composite cables to the video capture device and then the usb to the computer. I was able to convert 2 VHS tapes and save them on my computer without a problem. After doing that, I waited about 2 hours and went back to try another tape. This time, it is telling me "No Video Signal." The weird thing is that when I am rewinding, fast forwarding, or pausing, I am able to see the video in the playback screen. As soon as I press play, though, it immediately tells me no video signal. I can hear the audio without a problem. I have tried unhooking everything, restarting, and hooking back up again, but nothing is working. Although I have intermittent problems with other tapes, it seems like this tape is the only one having difficulty playing in the software. I have hooked the VCR up to the TV and the tape plays without any trouble. Any help you can provide is appreciated!