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    Losing Photoshows

    The Guru has a more recent thread on this topic, now closed. Nobody in either thread has ever solved the problem of the lost photoshows. I have tried all suggestions to no avail. It would appear that this software is broken and is not going to be fixed. I will be sure to never buy another Corel product in the future.
  2. Darvon

    Losing Photoshows

    I have had a Roxio Photoshow account since at least 2006 and have created 62 photoshows to date. Following comments from folks I have emailed links to, I today discovered that 20 of my photoshows no longer work. I still have an active Photoshow Premium account paid into 2015. The affected shows load only the title slide and then stall. I have tried the links both from different computers and within my own. Under 'edit' none of the loaded photos are present. Some of the photoshows are as old as 2007 and some as recent as 2 months old. Customer service looks like it will be a bear to use. Before I leave this product forever and reconstruct my family slideshows with a different software download, can anyone suggest a fix or way forward? Should I delete the software and reload? Help! Darvon