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  1. spacepiggy

    Toast 14.2 Update Benefitting El Capitan?

    Follow to my question: I've found not obvious differences using 14.2 over 14.1, however 14.2 works fine with El Capitan. My iMac is mid-2007, bog standard hardware & software. No games or exotic apps.
  2. spacepiggy

    Toast 14.2 Update Benefitting El Capitan?

    I'm using an older iMac which has been orphaned by Apple OS X updates, so I'm stuck at El Capitan 10.11.6 However I do like to keep things as current a possible. Does Toast 14.2 offer any benefits for El Capitan or is it strictly for Sierra? tnx
  3. spacepiggy

    Toast 14 Not Working On Mac

    I doubt I can shed any light on the issues others experience. For me Toast 14.1 works. I'm using a mid-2007 iMac running El Capitan updated to OS X 10.11.6. This is a dual core machine with 4 GB ram. Toast 14.1 runs with no problems. It is slow, but that's been the case with the past few versions. When using Toast I always quit all running apps, and set the Energy Saver system control panel to "never sleep". The most common task I use is "compress to fit" burning GOPRO video DVD. That's pretty processor intense and takes hours to complete. Allowing the iMac to sleep will crash the render and burn, so don't sleep.
  4. spacepiggy

    Convert Mp4 To Mp3 Songs?

    Give Adapter a try. Free from Macroplant https://www.macroplant.com/adapter/
  5. spacepiggy

    El Capitan And Toast 12

    Toast 12 is working on my 2007 iMac 20" running El Capitan 10.11.3. Typically I'll burn GoPro HD vids to DVD which requires re-encoding, or Video TS folders. In both cases it is not speedy (Toast hasn't been speedy in a very long time). I did not install Toast under El Capitan, merely applied the OS updates to the previous OS X system. Since I am using such an ancient Mac I did test with El Capitan Beta before jumping into the release version. The only issue I've encountered is to remember to set the iMac to "never sleep" in System Preferences or the encode/burn fails.
  6. spacepiggy

    Subtitles From File With Inclusive File

    I use Handbrake to convert videos for iPad, and often use the option to burn-in the closed-caption subtitles. Recently I purchased an over-the-air DVR which records in .mts file format, containing the CC data. Files are captured to a hard drive, and playback allows turning the CC on or off. The .mts files import into Toast 12, and will a bit of encoding time will produce a DVD. However I can't figure out how to make Toast encode the CC or create a burned-in subtitle on the DVD. Handbrake files can be imported into Toast as well. However encoding a 4 hour video with burned in CC took over 3 days to process in Toast. Are subtitles/closed-caption an option I'm missing somewhere in Toast?
  7. spacepiggy

    Spin Doctor Incompatible Above Mac Os 10.7

    I'm using Sound Studio 3 on Yosemite. The current version 4 is available on the Apple App Store. Audacity is free open source alternative.
  8. spacepiggy

    Tt12 On Yosemite?

    As the OP, I can confirm Toast 12 is working with Yosemite on my iMac. Heck, Toast 8 was working too, with a few glitches with the progress screen. The most typical cause of failure is the Mac going to sleep during encoding or burn. Before starting a project I head to System Preferences, then Energy Saver control panel and set it to 2 hours before sleep. I don't mess with the display setting, it dims in a couple of minutes. If I forget, I make coasters. Yosemite 10.10.2, Toast 12.0.1, Mid 2007 iMac, 4 GB ram
  9. spacepiggy

    File Sizes Of Video Conversions.

    There are better tools than Toast that permit you to select file type and quality. As your DVDs are home videos, they won't have any copy protection. Google for Handbrake (primarily for ripping a DVD) and Adapter (for file type conversions).
  10. spacepiggy

    Replacement For Idvd?

    If you can find the install disc for iLife 11, it will contain iDVD, then you can download latest update from Apple, 7.1.2. It still works under Yosemite. http://www.megawatts.com/frameview.pl?id=5154832 http://support.apple.com/downloads/#idvd
  11. spacepiggy

    Hd Video On Dvd

    It seems to be correct, BDMV file and Certificate folder containing a Backup folder, which is empty. I guess I'll take trip to Best Buy and try the disc in several different players. [Added 12/7/14] - I found a software player which did allow playback on my iMac. Menu and playback functions did work ... slowly.
  12. spacepiggy

    Hd Video On Dvd

    I wonder if I've done this properly? I burned a couple of HD Video DVDs with TT12. The instructions claim I can burn Blu Ray quality video to a standard DVD, and it will play on a set-top Blu Ray player. However they don't. The video segments play in Roxio Video Player (no menus, natch). VLC and Mac DVD Player of course won't play the discs. I used both an erasable DVD-RW and a normal DVD-R. Do I need to buy the Blu Ray plug in to make the discs playable on the set top? It is a Philips BDP1200 - very basic machine. It says the discs are unrecognized. The two software BD players I demoed wouldn't play the discs either. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks.
  13. spacepiggy

    Toast 12.0.1 Available

    Received my copy of Toast 12 today, installed fine, offered update to 12.0.1, updated just fine. Seems to be working on Yosemite 10.10.1.
  14. Do you have sleep disabled on your Mac? Toast does not seem to override the sleep command while burning, and if I forget to change the setting I make coasters. A 2 hour project will take at least 30 minutes to render and burn. Only a guess, as I don't have Toast 12 at this time, I'm using Toast 8 with Yosemite. Only the "burning" splash seems to be broken, but it works. Weird.
  15. spacepiggy

    Progress Window Goes Blank

    The blank progress window is my experience as well. Other than that, Toast 8 seems to be working on Yosemite, even transcoding video files for DVD, and audio files for AIFF audio CDs. I hope Roxio gets TT12 sorted, as the only other option is Apple's no longer available iDVD, which works with Yosemite, but is very, very slow encoding. The App Store ratings for Toast DVD and Toast Burn are not very good, and why have two apps when one can do the job?