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  1. I have Roxio Creator NXT2 running on a Windows 10 PC. It worked fine for a long time, but in the last month, I've run into crashes. Typically, here's what I do: Step 1 - set up to play and record the cassette. Record a wav file as one long track Step 2 - enter the track separators in the wave form; click Tag, enter the shared info - album, artist, genre; click Tag again: enter each track Title, number, repeat for all, click Done Step 3 - all the tracks show in the left panel; click Export, select .mp3 format, select Target folder in Windows Explorer; click OK - songs go to target folder as .mp3 files The crashes typically happen at the end of Step 2, when I hit 'Done'. Everything vanishes, screen reverts to Main initial display and I yell 'Dammit' or '#$@ of a &*(^!' or worse. I've tried re-booting. No dice, same problem. Last night I uninstalled the software, then discovered I don't have the disk. I believe I upgraded from Creator 7 to NXT2. I have the Creator 7 disk, also have the NXT2 key code. My questions are: How to reinstall Roxio Creator NXT2 so I can re-try and see if it works. May have gotten corrupted like this old bugger. If the above does not work, any other suggestions. Thanks in advance, best wishes and stay safe in these bizarre times. Terry