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    Re - Download Creator Software

    hello everyone I had to refresh my laptop and lost Roxio creator and now I want to re download it but not sure how to do ! I log in on Roxio website but then where to go? anyone got advice please? thanks
  2. hello everyone i have a asus laptop i edit a 3m video and when i render the video everytime the video wave crash and windows telling me the video wave is not responding! is there anything i can do to prevent that? thank you guys
  3. iridelondon

    Upload In 1080 Hd Or Close?

    im using gopro hero 3 on 1080 i just done what you told me and now its all good thank you so much for the help
  4. iridelondon

    Upload In 1080 Hd Or Close?

    i also cant find the way to choose the windows 9 1080 in the video file quality could someone help me please?
  5. iridelondon

    Upload In 1080 Hd Or Close?

    hello everyone im using the roxio creator nxt2 and i use a asus laptop (if important) i want to upload video on youtube and the only way i find until now is in 720 and its not great it turn out like this :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JR-DCv4elY8 so i would like to know which video file quality you are using ????? thank you for the help guy