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  1. MonsterMatt095

    Videowave Constantly Crashing?

    Swiftie4LifeWhy not just edit the video purely in Movie Maker? The .m2ts format works fine in Movie Maker, then just add your commentary as the 'music' track and sync it to your gameplay. The only real disadvantage to movie maker is that you can't add overlays such as facecam or any overlaying images to your video, whereas you can in Videowave. Jim_HardinI have tried running this option (photo) on both Hard and Software- doing so doesn't appear to make a difference.. The occurrence happens on both settings.
  2. MonsterMatt095

    Videowave Constantly Crashing?

    I tried that and uninstalling & reinstalling the software, and still the problem persists.. I have no idea why its doing it.. Especially considering it works fine with other video formats!
  3. MonsterMatt095

    Recording Skyhd Via Hdmi

    I do have the means to find out myself, however my Roxio is setup on my gaming rig in my bedroom (upstairs) and the Sky box is setup in the living room (downstairs).. so thought Id ask first, see if anyone else knows before I move my PC downstairs to try it, to then find it doesn't work!
  4. MonsterMatt095

    Recording Skyhd Via Hdmi

    I would like to know exactly why you gave me a warning? What wrong-doing have I caused? I am wanting to convert an old TV show (That recently got reshown) onto my PC at the highest possible quality. Where's the problem with that?
  5. MonsterMatt095

    Recording Skyhd Via Hdmi

  6. MonsterMatt095

    Recording Skyhd Via Hdmi

  7. MonsterMatt095

    I'm Unable To Livestream..

    FIX - https://github.com/jp9000/obs-studio/releases/tag/0.12.1
  8. MonsterMatt095

    No Longer Working?!

    Apologies for the extremely late response, however I later fixed the issues, and got it working again. I now have an Alienware X51 gaming PC with much higher specs and the Roxio installed on there now. Thank you for the reply.
  9. MonsterMatt095

    No Longer Working?!

    Hi People, So Ive had my Roxio Gamecap HD Pro for about a year now, and had absolutely no problems what so ever!.. Until recently, Upon plugging my Roxio HD into my laptop, one of two things happen; 1) My laptop blue screens, and crashes.. or 2) I boot the Recording software perfectly fine, and load the Roxio, to where I get audio but just a blue screen. Note- Im using an Xbox 360 with the Component out. I have tried using the "Virtual Dub" as an alternative software, but to no avail. Any ideas/ help? Thanks, Matt.