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    Installation Interrupted - Videocap_Usb Install Fails

    I have obviously tried to run the setup a number of times. Probably a few too many, and have attempting some troubleshooting in between. Originally, neither were installed. I am trying to install NXT 2, and it includes VHS to DVD. When searching for "VHS to DVD" or "NXT 2" with Revo, it returns zero leftover items found. I have previously attempted to copy the contents and run the setup with antivirus disabled, but that did not help either. Thank you for the suggestions!
  2. I am trying to install creator nxt 2 on a windows 7 machine, and it won't complete the install. I have attached the log files. In the videocap log file it says "Roxio VHS Capture Driver -- Installation operation failed" Any help remedying this would be appreciated. Roxio Log Files.zip