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    Capture Pixelation

    Mine is the Max (15K) afaik and I'm getting the same issue every once in a while when recording via XSplit. However, it's really different there. 12GB RAM is in my PC. Still going to fix my other issue with the 1sec record in the original recording software. Will tell in case I also get the issue there.
  2. CommanderCH

    Recording Bug: Only Records 1 Second

    I'll try the following first: http://forums.suppor...nd/#entry477478 Please wait for answers until my reply is here if this worked or not. Thanks. PS: The forum is fleeded with pinned discussions...
  3. CommanderCH

    Recording Bug: Only Records 1 Second

    Hello I'm having this issue since a while now. I think it came with the last or second last update of the capture card. Whenever I try to record from its original software, it starts recording, records 1 second, then stops recording, but still says that the recording is running (identified that I have to hit the red "Stop Recording" button instead of the green "Start Recording" button. I'm currently using XSplit as a workaround but it sometimes starts having some graphical bugs there (audio is fine). It doesn't matter if I use Xbox 360 (Component) or Xbox One (HDMI), both only record for 1 second. I've connected the capture card since I got it to XSplit already, so XSplit is definitely not causing the error. Also, XSplit usually isn't running when I use the original Roxio capture software, otherwise it tells me that the Roxio media is already used by another software so that's fine. Anyone familiar with this issue?