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    Css Issues On Home Made Dvd Disc

    I am trying to burn a DVDR from a VIDEO_TS folder. Am using Toast Titanium 14 for Mac. (Mac Pro, El Capitan OS.) this is absolutely a home-made DVD, NOT a commercial disc in anyway. But I keep getting the error message that this disc has CSS encryption - which makes no sense - and when I click more info, it just takes me to the Toast Titanium order page. Help! what can I do? W
  2. willfriedwald

    Css Issues On Home Made Dvd Disc

    My original source was a VIDEO_TS file (from a private DVD-R) that a friend sent me e-wise. I don't have the actual DVD-R. So the VIDEO_TS file has always been on my hard drive... yes! thanks! w
  3. willfriedwald

    Css Issues On Home Made Dvd Disc

    thanks! yes, that's what I'm trying to do - the VIDEO_TS folder is already on my hard drive. I could try making a new folder and copying the contents - just to see what would happen... thanks again! w
  4. willfriedwald

    Problem With Toast Titanium 12 & "java Script"

    I haven't run the program in about a month. Today, when I tried to run it, it just kind of disappeared - the icon had gone generic, meaning that it was no longer working. I tried re-downloading & re-installing, and I received a message that my start-up drive had a "java script error." When I checked out my Java control panel, I was told that the system (OS 10.10.2) is, in fact, running the current edition of java. any clues as how to get my previous TT12 working OR how to install a new one? What is the deal with the java problem? thanks! w
  5. willfriedwald

    Running Out Of Capacity - When I Shouldn't

    I fill up a DVD with appx two hours of content - roughly 2 GB the program tells me that I have plenty of room left, the disc is NOT full to capacity. then, it goes through the whole long process of encoding, multiplexing etc. And when it is finally done, it then tells me that I don't have enough capacity on the disc! is there any way to know BEFORE I start to burn the disc? So far I've been up all night trying to get this one disc right. Very frustrating! This happens over and over, almost every time I start to burn a new disc. will
  6. willfriedwald

    Running Out Of Capacity - When I Shouldn't

    thank you for that information! I was wondering why it kept telling me two hours of video was too long! anyhow, I will try the DISC IMAGE option. and the FIT-TO-DVD process is automatic? thanks very much! (I wish I had known this yesterday - my bad - since I need this discs right now, but glad to know it now.) very good ! thank you! w
  7. willfriedwald

    Running Out Of Capacity - When I Shouldn't

    that does make perfect sense! The DVD blanks I am using say "120 Min. / 4.75 GB" so I was expecting them to hold two hours. I should look for double layer DVD blanks? (9 GB?) I would have thought that the program could tell me how much room I have based on the type of disc (before burning) but I guess not. lastly, where I do adjust the compression? Somewhere in Toast 12, but I can't figure out where ... thanks very much! w