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    Nxt2Pro Initial Start-Up

    I do have a 64-bit version of W7 Pro. I'm about to uninstall Creator. Will start over and advise what happens! Thanks to all, Larry
  2. ReEntryRacer

    Nxt2Pro Initial Start-Up

    Nope. I have sourced every part and built this one myself, and it works well. Both optical drives are accessed by the Disc Copy program, but even when I stay with the same drive it will not recognize any new blank disc to start the burn. I even went to regedit just now and deleted upper and lower filters as recommended by various W7 fix-it sites. No joy.
  3. ReEntryRacer

    Nxt2Pro Initial Start-Up

    A simple disc I have copied before. Yes, Computer sees all my drives. I have both a Blueray-capable and a regular DVD burner, a large SSD C drive, and two 2TB data drives. The Roxio programs see all drives. The Disc Copy will not accept a blank DVD+R disc, it just asks for a new blank disc no matter which direction I try to copy. Yes, both optical drives are working with other software.
  4. ReEntryRacer

    Nxt2Pro Initial Start-Up

    Yep, I know that. The program on the Home screen simply says "Copy Disc" which is all I wanted to do. I have the latest DVD burners but it won't recognize a new blank disc in either direction.
  5. ReEntryRacer

    Nxt2Pro Initial Start-Up

    Thanks! That got me into the Edit program. Now I can't seem to make a simple copy of a DVD! Given the whole computer is a few days old, it may be a hardware problem.
  6. I get a bubble warning that my screen resolution is set too low, and I can't start the Edit program. It is not set too low, as it is set to the max within my graphics card and Windows 7Pro.