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  1. As with everyone else I get audio sync issues on the High Quality setting so tried the Medium Quality setting but now I get massive interlacing instead - arrgghhh!! Anyone got any ideas of what to do? I've tried removing the interlacing in other software but it's no good as the reduction in resolution from high>medium means the interlacing is not on alternate lines so the software can't remove it. I'm not fussy which I get working - High or Medium - but one of them needs to be useable! Help! Example; High Medium
  2. Timmys

    Software Does Not See Hardware

    I'm pleased to say Roxio support are shipping me new hardware. In preparation for it coming can someone clarify which software is the most recent/better; - Roxio Video Capture v2.0.1 (came on the disc in the box) - Easy VHS to DVD Capture v1.05 (download) Ideally I'd be running it on my iMac running OS X 10.10, but if there are issues with 10.10 I have a Mac Mini running 10.6.8
  3. I've just sent this to Roxio support using the super-generous 4 days of support I have, but wondered if anyone else has any ideas?; "Hi, I've just bought a copy of Roxio VHS to DVD for Mac but unfortunately the software is not recognising the hardware. I have tried both on a Mac running OS X 10.6.8 and one running OS X 10.10, both of which meet the hardware requirements. The software installs fine and when I start it up I see a message which asks me to connect the USB hardware but when I connect the hardware nothing further happens. I have tried using both the software that came in the box "Roxio Video Capture v2.0.1" as well as "Easy VHS to DVD Capture v1.05" downloaded from the Roxio website, but both give exactely the same result. The hardware is being recognised as connected by the OS as it shows up in the System Profiler, under the USB section, as "Composite Hardware" when attached. I would be very grateful for your help in fixing this, or confirming whether the product hardware is faulty and should be returned. Regards" Thanks