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  1. Think my s-cable was bad - having to order replacement RCA cables - won't be here til next week - Again thanks for the help so far
  2. Thanks for the advice - will try a back port today + an audio cable The Win 10 download came from Roxio (I hope) - when I uninstalled and then reinstalled the software - no window or option cane up to "check for updates" except the $19.99 buy the 3 to 3+ option which I did, however once the software is functioning - if you look in the upper left corner you will see the word "support" - clicking on it will give you a option to check for updates. It seems to only load 1 update at a time - I had to repeat the process 3 times to get the system to download that Win 10 patch.
  3. Thanks Guru - your advice advanced me but has not gotten me functional yet. There is a Roxio patch: Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 SP2-Windows 10 (18104.0KB) The software seems functional now but can't seem to locate the Video or audio input Using a S cable into the Roxio adapter and using a front USB port on my computer - Can't even find anywhere I can tell it where to seek the input - and if it is automatic - it is not working Thanks for advancing me - any suggestions?
  4. When I open the program I get to the window that allows me to select Burn direct to DVD OR Save, edit and burn - I choose the save,edit and burn and immediately Windows 10 pops up a window saying "program has stopped responding and will close. Any tricks or updates to get this program to run on a Windows 10 system? Help appreciated
  5. Thank you Jim Had the very same issue on a old VHS movie from 1998 Polygram Video. Your solution in post #14 worked perfectly. Seems that Roxio has a weakness in their program, hopefullt they will fix it. Again my thanks for a clear and concise solution for us non-technical persons