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  1. Congratulations Digital Guru, you are a genius. It worked. Now I don’t need a second computer.
  2. The results are positive. I completed without a problem a two hour VHS home video transfer. The steps I used are simple. I insert a VHS tape, I open the Roxio software and select Record, Edit and Save. I then select, Start a new project, I then select the red record button then I press play on my VCR. When the video is done, I stop the recording and select the white arrow at the bottom right of the page. I then select Computer and finally Export. There is obviously something wrong with my windows 8. But now that it works on my less powerful Windows 7 computer I am happy. I will now start transferring the sixty or so VHS home videos to digital formats. I will also visit this site for editing steps soon. I can’t thank you enough for your help.
  3. Here is the detailed information on my computer. By the way, I’m testing the video capture on a deferent PC right now. DxDiag.txt
  4. I tried again and still I get the same results. It must be my computer. Next thing to try will be another computer. I will try this on the weekend. I use Windows 8.1 Enterprise, 64-bit with 12GB of RAM on an i7-4770 CPU 4.40GHz.
  5. Thank you so much for your experiment, I truly appreciate it. I will try it today and report. It turns out that I do have the PLUS version after all. The software splash screen does not add the PLUS but the blue bar on top does. Also the box says PLUS, I apologies for the confusion.
  6. Thank you for the link, however this is a Getting Started Guide, I was looking for a more complete guide. I like to read about all the features. This forum is definitely going to be my main support for tutorials.
  7. Is there a user’s guide available for Roxio Easy VHS to DVDS 3 for download?
  8. I just noticed that I have Roxio Easy VHS to DVDS 3, not Roxio Easy VHS to DVDS 3 plus.
  9. I tried again with a home video that lasted about 56 minutes. I simply started the VCR and then started recording the video. Once it reached the end I took note of the recording time, 56:32. I stopped the recording and I lost about ten minutes. I played the recorded video and it is really at the beginning that the lost ten minutes comes from. I experimented with three other videos with similar results. As suggested, I recorded the same video again but this time I stopped at 30 minutes. This seems to work. Now I need to learn how to edit and stitch two videos together. I use Windows 8 with 12 Gigs of RAM on an i7 processor, I think. Thank you for your help.
  10. Why do my Roxio Easy VHS to DVDS 3 plus not copy the entire video? For example, it will copy 2 hours and five minutes, then I come to save it on the hard drive and the first 30 minutes are missing.