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  1. So I changed my display settings and that seems to fix my issued. I guess the options were there, I just couldnt see them. Now I can at least see the top of the 'Create a file' option. Here is what it now looks like on my screen after going to 100% on my display settings:
  2. And just an FYI, the recent update is the Service Pack 2.0. That is the one causing the problem with me selecting WMV9, but without the update I can't record my PS4 footage. The work around now is updating my Roxio to record gaming, reinstalling Roxio without the update and repairing to export my video on WMV9 and rinse and repeating...
  3. So I'm thinking its the latest Roxio update which isn't allowing me to export my video in wmv9. This morning I got up and wanted to record some gameplay. I set up my PS4 and my RGC. I noticed that I couldnt capture my gameplay as I did before, so I checked for updates. My Roxio found one and updated. After that I recorded my gameplay. Once editing again and trying to export the gameplay, I'm no longer able to create a video file using wmv9. This is depressing.
  4. I guess I had to run as administrator. I am currently repairing the program. I will update after I'm done follow your instructions. Thanks!
  5. Ok, so I just used the Roxio setup like I did when I first installed the software on my laptop. I didn't see the option for repair at any point. I went all the way through the installation process. At the end it asked if I'd like to restart now or later and I just selected later since I didnt see the repair option. I followed the check for updates option though.
  6. When I first got my Roxio Game Capture HD Pro, which was 11/5/2014, I tried installing the software on my laptop, but my computer couldnt read the disc. I tried other discs and it read them fine. We put the software on my wifes computer, then to a thumbdrive, then to my computer. I guess what I'm saying is, is there another way to repair the software without using the disc? I'm not sure why the Roxio software worked on my wifes laptop and not mine, but having these problems I guess might be from the fact that I wasnt able to install the software directly from the disc to my computer. Thanks for the reply! I really appreciate any help I can gather.
  7. Hello! I would really like some help on this subject. Problem 1: After editing my video on Videowave I go to the 'Export As' option. I have tons of options on the 'Video file quality' dropdown box, but when I try clicking on the recommended option for the type of videos I'm trying to make for YouTube, 'Windows Media Video 9, 1920x1080 VBR', the 'Create Video File' option athe bottom disappears. I went and downloaded WMV9 thinking maybe that was the problem, and it still didn't work for me. I'm really at a loss of why I can't export using WMV9. I don't know if another video quality option is just as good as WMV9, but in all the gamer guides I watch for creating videos on VW, they all recommend WMV9. Problem 2: When I try saving my edited video so I can continue troubleshooting, Videowave shuts down on me. Please help me find solutions if you can! Thanks!