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    Video Rendering Stops/freezes

    GotoMeeting is a video conference website that allows for recording presentations and Q&A from subscribers. The video was originally recorded in their format, then they automatically convert it to WMV. The total video is 1 hour, 18 minutes, 11 seconds long. I needed to convert it so that I can add slides to the video and allow others to see it in a universal format such as mp4. I'm not sure what causes the video rendering process to freeze. But I did successfully try a workaround last night. 1) First, I used a software called FreeStudio by DVDvideosoft.com to render the video from WMV to MP4 without adding slides. 2) Then, I rendered the video with Roxio Videowave as ARCHOS MPEG4 (AVI) best quality 3) This time, Roxio Videowave successfully rendered the video
  2. erikmroth

    Video Rendering Stops/freezes

    Hi Digital Guru, thank you for the suggestions. I completed all of that as you suggested and tried rendering the video again and the rendering stops in the same place at 37%, 29 min, 14 sec and 19 frames. It's quite bizarre. The video is question is a training video recorded from GotoMeeting, downloaded and converted to a wmv. I added a few slides in the beginning and end of the video, then have been trying to render it. This has now happened with the last 2 videos downloaded from GotoMeeting and converted to wmv. I want to upload it directly to YouTube for the students, but first I have to render it since YouTube won't allow access directly from Roxio. If you have any more suggestions, I am open to that. Not sure where to take it from here.
  3. Recently, I've had trouble with rendering videos on NXT 2. After saving the video and beginning the rendering process, it freezes/stops at a certain point. The input is a wmv and the output is an mpeg4. Any solutions to this? Thanks, Erik