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  1. kellee

    Videowave Nonresponsive

    this is what i found. how do i correct this?
  2. kellee

    Videowave Nonresponsive

    yeah, all that's good.
  3. i had nxt pro 2 on an old pc. every time i would try to start the videowave a pop up box would say something about it not being to dock with current resolution (i can't remember exact words). i would click ok, it would go away, and videowave would start. i would begin the process of creating a new video but every single time i would add pictures, it would freeze up and i would have to close it down. i contacted roxio and they did that thing where someone tapped into my laptop and worked on it. they tried for over two hours and couldn't get it to work. they could not figure out what was wrong. everything else worked with nxt pro, just not the videowave. also, i have been using roxio for years now and i never had this problem. i made a video a few months ago and everything worked well. four weeks later, i tried to make another video and it wouldn't work, so i don't think it's my virus protetion software. well yesterday, i purchased a new laptop and nxt pro 3. it is doing the same thing. what is wrong? how can i fix this?