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    Toast 11 Crash - Memory Leak?

    Toast 11.2 on an 8-core Mac Pro 2.66, OS 10.8.5. I've started archiving large file projects to blu-ray data discs, using Toast's "Data" burn, burning 25 gig at a time. The burn goes ok, but Toast always crashes when it gets to verification. Looking at the Activity Monitor, I see that Toast always eats up ALL of the system memory -- all 32 GIG of it -- whenever burning or verifying these large files burned to blu-ray data discs. Even after quitting Toast, Toast still won't "release" the memory. (It takes a third-party utility like Memory Clean to restore the memory Toast sucked up to the system). Why would Toast suck up that much memory? Could the crashes be because of Toast eating up all of the system memory? Anybody know if there is an issue with a memory leak in Toast 11?