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  1. Interesting observation, and I didn't know that about tiff. I was worried that just by opening a file in photosuite, doing some minor edits and saving it, the huge decrease in file size meant I was losing some resolution over the original image. I suppose my biggest concern was that it definitely did not do this a few months back when I edited the same images. Also that if I didn't edit anything I could still potentially lose something from the original images. As you say, maybe just a codec issue. If I have the same images, with nothing lost, and 20% of the file size then that has to be a bonus :-) ?
  2. Seriously grateful for your time and interest in this. Still no idea why photosuite appears to behave differently now compared with some months ago although the compressed bits/pixel difference you noticed is very interesting and has to somehow be involved. I can find no settings that i could have changed even inadvertently that might explain my issue. I'll probably give up now and see if a re-install makes any difference. Just to close it out, I've included 3 screen shots of properties: Original picture file size 7081KB, same picture edited in photosuite and saved back in March 14 file size 7956KB, same picture opened in photosuite today and immediately saved with no changes file size 1409KB! Thanks again, Nick
  3. Hi, screenshot as requested.
  4. Sorry - been without internet for a few days. No I don't mean in the properties, I mean when I do "Save As" and look at the "Options" there. The "General" tab shows a "Photo Quality" of 98. It is a "slider" setting but I have not changed it. When I save it, without changing anything, I get a smaller file size. If I open the now smaller file again in Roxio, and do "Save As", that "Option" tab shows a Photo Quality of 70. Both files have a dpi of 180 if I Iook at the properties by right-clicking on their thumbnails in Roxio. Regds, Nick
  5. Hi, My thanks again to anyone trying to help me understand my issue. I'm not sure that your response cdanteek does help me however. I was simply trying to answer questions from myguggi and add any other information that might (but quite possibly not) be relevant. So, trying to be specific about what I am experiencing, here is a summary of what I did with one specific image. Others behave in a similar fashion. I opened a jpg image in roxio photosuite (creator pro 2011 version). The file size was 6741KB. I did not edit it in anyway. I right-clicked on the image in roxio and it showed a pixel count of 4896x3672. I checked the "save as" options which stated a quality of 98 and a size of 69.088x51.816 but then simply saved the image without changing these option settings in any way. The resulting file size was 1400KB. I then opened this file that I just saved and hit "save as" again. Right clicking and checking the image properties showed the same pixel count as before. The "save as" options however came up with defaults of 70 for quality but the same picture size as before. I didn't change anything. Thanks to all for efforts to help but somehow I'm thinking that roxio has got me beat!
  6. Hi. Answers to your questions: Tools/Options: Associations: Photosuite format *.dmsp and *.pspd; dpi Professional (600dpi) - although I think the latter was 300dpi originally, I changed it while investigating this issue - it made no difference. Save as: Resolution not stated as such but Quality 98% - original picture 4896x3672, size 69.088 x 51.816 cm. This is just one example picture. When imported to roxio its file size is 6741KB, when saved with the above options but NO edits at all it is 1400KB. According to its properties when re-imported to roxio it is still 4896x3672, still the same physical size but its default quality has dropped to 70%. Thanks, Nick
  7. Hi and thanks for taking an interest. I'll try to answer the questions. I checked your link and the metatdata shows as EXIF so I am assuming that's the type. I am using the default output option (jpg) - the only option that includes jpg as file type. Camera is a Panasonic DMC-TZ40. I have tried saving the image exactly as loaded into Roxio i.e. making no changes whatsoever - no editing, no resizing, nothing - and still get this file size reduction. I have not updated, or indeed used, any other imaging programs since I last edited some of these same images and the edited images back then ended up with a file size pretty similar to that of the original - I've been back and checked some of them. However I am now loading the same originals and getting the file size reduction on output. The only odd thing (or maybe it's not) that I've noticed in the properties is that it shows an Association of "Serif Photoplus Associated Picture". That's not a program that I have used for years so not sure why that would be the case or why it should suddenly be any different to previously, but maybe it's relevant? Sorry for long-winded response - it sometimes difficult to be sure the problem is being stated clearly. Thanks again!
  8. I have seen a couple of posts alluding to a similar issue, but nothing that appears to acknowledge or address my specific issue. I have been using Photosuite in Creator 2011 Pro for a couple of years to edit jpg photos from my digital camera. Today, I noticed that the saved jpg file size, after editing, was only about 20% of that of the original picture. I checked the resolution and picture size settings in the "save as" options and they are as they always have been. The "Tools/Options" settings are also set normally. I have never intentionally changed any of these settings anyway. I even reloaded the original image and saved it without any editing, and the saved file size ended up at least 75% smaller than before. I repeated this with several other images with the same result. Just to check my sanity, I looked back at some previously edited images from the same camera and found that the original and edited jpg image files were pretty much the same size back then. So, question is, does anybody know what is going on or what I might have inadvertently done to change this? I assume that the reduced file size must mean some loss in quality somewhere although the picture properties still show the same pixel count, size, dpi, colour depth - in fact everything looks identical. Completely mystified and would really appreciate any enlightenment. Thanks