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    Graph Rant

    I am sorry I posted my query to the wrong thread, but I had difficulty trying to find out how to start a new thread. Thanks for the replies. As I was also having trouble with corruption occurring in an audio project I was creating, I decided to completely remove NXT2 and start again. I used the Windows program control panel to remove both the application and the 'contents'. I then rebooted the computer and also cleaned out the registry using two programs (MaxReg cleaner and Trend clean-upfreeze.pdf). Then, having switched off the virus software, I reinstalled the two packages. Unfortunately, I still get the same problem when I try to export the video. This happens whether I am exporting a pure video I have created in Videowave, or using the Slide show app to create a video from a few jpg files. My computer is fully updated with all the latest updates from Windows and Roxio (none required). I have also tried going into the tools/options menu and changing the rendering from Hardware to Software and unchecking the Intel Enhanced box. When I change the rendering to Software, I don't get the render graph error, but the rendering freezes at 99% and never creates an output file. Then, when I change it back to Hardware rendering, I don't get the render graph error but it still freezes at 99% (see attached file)
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    Graph Rant

    On another note - I would not recommend buying this software if you have Windows 7 64 bit. In Videowave, whether editing a video or trying to create a video slide show IT IS NOT POSSIBL:E TO SAVE YOUR FILE WHEN YOU ARE READY. You will continually get a 'cannot create render graph' error and no file is generated. I have logged this with support and they admit the bug, but have not yet offered a solution/bugfix/workaround. I have completely wasted my money.
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    Graph Rant

    When saving a video file on my system the rendering complets OK, but a dialogue pops up to say that it cannot create the render graph and no file is created. This happens EVERY time I try to save a video, making the videowave software completely useless! I am running on a Dell woorkstation with Windows 7 64 bit, with 64Gbyte of RAM and an AMD Firepro graphics card.
  4. Don't buy NXT2 on Windows 7 64 bit