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  1. I'm new to the forum and not familiar with all of the products so I wasn't sure what category this falls under. I'm using Creator Silver 10. When I burn a large project over multiple discs using the disc spanning feature, Roxio Creator Silver 10 almost always crashes before the final disc is complete. Recently, I burned 15 out of 19 discs. The project was not saved as Roxio just completely froze and I had to reboot. Is there any way I can resume with the 16th-19th disc exactly where it left off?
  2. bowlerae

    Creator Silver 10: Crashes While Disc Spanning

    When I right-click in My Computer it says I am running Windows 7 Enterprise, just as I thought. For some reason, if I go to the Help menu inside of the Roxio Creator Silver 10 program and select "About" it says I am running Windows Vista. I'm not saying the program was pre-installed in the sense that at very first boot up it was already installed. I'm saying it was pre-installed for MY first use of the system (our systems are refreshed ever 2 years so they are upgraded to the latest Windows OS and business-related software is either installed or updated). I've had this system for a year or two and I'm just realizing the program has been on my system this entire time so I'm giving it a try as I burn dozens of discs per day as part of my daily responsibilities.
  3. bowlerae

    Creator Silver 10: Crashes While Disc Spanning

    I am running Windows 7. It's a company asset and as far as I can tell, Roxio Creator Silver 10 ca me pre-installed. CORRECTION: The application says I'm running Windows Vista but I have labels all over my computer casing saying I'm running Windows 7. Being more of a Mac user, I don't know how to call up exactly which OS I'm running.