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  1. gatownsend

    Blu-Ray To Dvd Possible?

    Thanks Jim. I had just figured that out a bit before you posted. Having only worked previously with DVDs, I was incorrectly using Disc Copier (I had seemed to recall it would take DVD9 down to a DVD5). I haven't done something like this in ages (probably even before Creator 2010), and at some point I got it in my head that with a DVD I could pick the VIDEO_TS folder and then work from there. Trying that with the blu-ray data I ripped to the hard drive obviously wasn't working. I got it straight after a little trial and error and now have an DVD iso on my hard disk I'm going to play with in a DVD-RW before I commit to a +R or -R. Thanks again, Gary
  2. gatownsend

    Blu-Ray To Dvd Possible?

    When I said "compress to a DVD" I meant re-encode it...bad choice of words on my part. I realize the folder structures are different. I just went back into 2010 and tried this agian - I think I didn't look hard enough the first time. I just tried the Copy & Convert program again and got it to work. Thanks, Gary
  3. gatownsend

    Blu-Ray To Dvd Possible?

    I gave a friend a bunch of HD videos we had shot of our kids, and he authored a really nice blu-ray for us (at the time I only had a DVD burner). My mother-in-law would like a copy, but she only has a DVD player. I recently acquired a blu-ray drive for my PC, and wanted to make a copy of the disk, but the software that came with the drive doesn't appear to take the blue ray and compress it to DVD size. Can Creator Pro 2012 do this? I have Creator Pro 2010, but haven't wanted to upgrade until now. I ripped the blu-ray to hard drive to see if I could use disk copy, but 2010 won't handle the blu-ray folders on my hard drive. Can I do what I want with 2012 (either blu-ray disk to DVD, or blu-ray folders on my HD to DVD)? Thanks, Gary
  4. gatownsend

    Timing Of Purchase Of 2010

    I've gotten in the habit of checking a company's release history before purchasing software after getting burned twice like this. Buy.com (I'm sure there are others, too) often sells the older release with some ridiculously large discount shortly before a new release comes out - so what looks like a deal usually isn't that great if you end up upgrading shortly thereafter. This happened to me with Creator 2010 last year, and when I called customer service they got me a larger discount, and the total price (cheapo deal on 2009 from buy.com + reduced upgrade price from Roxio on 2010) ended up being closer to what I would have paid for the upgrade straight to 2010 directly from Roxio. ~Gary
  5. Just wanted to let folks know that Creator 2009 Ultimate is on sale at buy.com for $69.99 ($49.99 after the $20 upgrade rebate). I've been watching for a while and that is the best price I have ever seen for Ultimate. Free budget shipping, too: http://www.buy.com/retail/product.asp?sku=209084584 Enjoy, Gary P.S. I am not affiliated with Buy.com or Roxio. Just passing along a good deal I found.
  6. gatownsend

    Anyone using BUMP w/ Vista 32-bit?

    Ok...I did a little research on this and found the problem is due to Vista "junction" points. Similar to the way Linux uses symbolic links, Vista actually has a "Documents & Settings" folder which is pointed to "Users". I found the followoing information: Which can be found here. So while the software actually runs in Vista, I think saying it's "Vista compatible" isn't exactly true. If it was, I think it would handle these junction points correctly. I guess I'm back in the market for a new backup solution since the built-in backup program in Vista is too dumbed-down to do what I want. Regards, Gary
  7. gatownsend

    Anyone using BUMP w/ Vista 32-bit?

    Hi folks, I was wondering if anyone here is using BUMP from EMC9 in Vista? I've installed EMC9 on my new Dell E521 running Vista 32-bit (after uninstalling EMC9 DE), and immediately uninstalled D2D. I was having some problems using the transfer wizard to get stuff off of my old PC, so I decided to restore it from a backup made using BUMP. I only restored My Documents to the Documents folder in Vista, and then moved everything around where I wanted it. All seemed well. After getting things the way I wanted them in Vista I decided to do a backup. I selected my user directory for backup (C:\users\gary\) and the calculated size was about twice as big as what it should be. I looked around on my hard drive to see what could be taking up the space and everything was showing the size I expected. I went back into BUMP and it was still twice as big. I then noticed that not only does it show a directory called C:\users\gary, it also shows a directory called C:\documents and settings\gary. I have only selected c:\users\gary for backup, but the backup size is twice as big as it should be, presumably because of whatever is causing the c:\documents and settings\gary folder to show up. I go back out to "Computer" in Vista, and can't see the 'documents and settings' directory anywhere. It only shows up in BUMP, and when I view it in BUMP the contents are identical to the 'users' directory that I can see in BUMP and in any file viewer in Vista. I've allowed hidden files to be seen in Vista, but still don't see this directory that shows up in BUMP. I thought maybe it was a leftover from reading in the catalogue when I did the restore, so I deleted the catalogue and restarted BUMP, but the problem persists. The EMC web site says it's compatible with Vista, and specifically lists operations that sound like BUMP as being available here. If you scroll down to the "Productivity" section and click the "tell me more..." link it talks about features that seem could only be BUMP. My next thought was to reinstall BUMP and see if that solved the problem, but I thought I'd see if anyone else has any experiences to share. Thanks, Gary
  8. gatownsend

    A few questions before I buy...

    Well, I went ahead and took the plunge. For anyone looking for a deal, Buy.com has EMC9 for $79.94 with free shipping, and you still qualify for the $20 rebate, which gets you down to $59.95....PLUS through Monday if you use Google Checkout you get another $10 off. Final cost is $49.94 if you qualify for the upgrade rebate. Take care, Gary
  9. gatownsend

    A few questions before I buy...

    Hi Everyone, I've been away for quite a while and have been checking out the new EMC9. I have EMC7, 7.5 and 8, with 7.5 and 8 coexisting on my PC right now. I've been searching around the Roxio website quite a bit, but specific information on EMC9 seems to be skimp at best. I have been unable to find a specific list of which software is included in the suite or any other specifics. If I've missed something obvious, please point me to a link. The questions I have are: I'm assuming MyDVD9 (or is it 8?) is included in the suite - is it the essentials version or the premier version? I purchased EMC8 just for MyDVD and was sorely disappointed in the somewhat stripped-down version of MyDVD8 that was included. I've been using Sony DVD Architect Studio software to create my DVD's because I just couldn't get MyDVD8 to do what I wanted, and Sony has a new version out also. I only want to upgrade one since I don't do enough DVD authoring to justify the expense of two. Videowave says it now includes 32 tracks. I see from some posts here that there are still internal tracks, so I was wondering what exacly was new that I would have access to. VW8 has 14 (7 internal and 7 production level). It looks like most folks are uninstalling previous versions and going with just EMC9. This is fine, I just wanted to see if that was a requirement or just because it wasn't coexisting nicely with older versions. Any feedback from those of you that have already taken the plunge would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and regards, Gary
  10. gatownsend

    Dragon Engine Initialization Failed

    I'll chime in with my experience. I got that same error after the last update to Napster. The only thing that worked to get rid of it was uninstall Napster and then do a repair on EMC8. While I would like to have Napster, I barely ever use it so I haven't missed it. Regards, Gary
  11. gatownsend

    What Is Cpshelprunner.exe?

    Well, last night I stopped the Media Manager watched folders feature by right clicking on the icon in the system tray and selecting "stop and don't restart when Windows starts next time" (or something along those lines). I am not using Media Manager to organize my files, so it made no sense to have it running. CPShelprunner.exe is still loading on startup. So is RoxWatch.exe and RoxWatchTray.exe - I would have thought these two would have quit when I stopped watching folders and disabled the Media Manager services. I don't have Drag-2-Disc installed, so I can't kill that. I can kill CPShelprunner.exe and it doesn't come back, but for the life of me I can't figure out what's starting it up in the first place. Regards, Gary
  12. gatownsend

    What Is Cpshelprunner.exe?

    Thanks Patrick. Last night I started Photosuite and checked my running processes and there were two listings for CPSHelpRunner.exe (one that was there after booting up and the second one that started when I ran Photosuite). When I exited Photosuite the second one went away, but the first one stayed and never ended. Thanks again, Gary
  13. gatownsend

    What Is Cpshelprunner.exe?

    Tonight when I get home I'm going to open Photosuite and then close it again and see if that gets it to go away...maybe it's that simple. Could be Photosuite crashed last time I was using it and this thing is waiting for it to close correctly so it can go back to sleep. I'll post back with results. Regards, Gary
  14. gatownsend

    What Is Cpshelprunner.exe?

    Unfortunately for me, it's running as soon as my computer starts up and never ends. I have version 6, 7.5 and 8 installed, but never saw it running until EMC8 was installed. ~Gary
  15. gatownsend

    Question About Burning From Tivo

    Just as a follow up for anyone with Dish Network, I figured out what the USB port on the back of the DVR is for. It's for transferring recorded video to a handheld device they offer called "PocketDish". The transfer instructions can be found at: http://www.pocketdish.com/transfer_content.jsp If I end up getting it I'll probably hook the USB port up to the PC just to see what it does. I'll report back what I find out. Regards, Gary