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  1. ynotneil

    Video is rotated after importing

    It’s from my iPhone 8 and it’s in the .mov format. And it imports the video but the video is rotated in toast and is normal when I open the file outside of Toast.
  2. ynotneil

    Video is rotated after importing

    Why does toast rotate my video 90 degrees one way or the other when it is a vertical video from my phone? And how I rotate it back inside toast once it is imported?? Thanks; Neil
  3. ynotneil

    Video Wave Not Responding

    Level two tech said it was a mix between my PC and the software, but My PC meets all the requirements they ask for, for what he described to me if you have a rather large file, (over 2gb) Roxios software cant handle it from what he told me. Not sure what its good for then, I mean the Small DVD's are 4.7GB. Just thought id share. What were you all's ideas to try?
  4. I can edit and build the DVD mostly without it freezing up and giving me the Videowave not responding error, it had froze up on me in building and editing the DVD, but it WILL NOT save an ISO file or burn a DVD. Tech support has upgraded me to a level 2 tech, whatever that is, but this is really annoying. My PC meets all requirements the tech support people verified that. I have tired all I know to do, any ideas out there?