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  1. Video encoding (.mkv to DVD) is really slow. I let it run for 8 hours and it was only 40% done. I have an iMac (3.5GHZ quad core i7, 32GB RAM) with an NVIDIA 4GB 780M video card, and found that the Mac Cuda driver would help with performance. So I installed the latest Cuda driver from NVIDIA and verified it was installed in System Preferences. I restarted restarted my computer, but the VideoBoost option is still greyed out. I thought I'd try another encode (.mkv to DVD), so I let it run for an hour, but it only was 4% done. So the conversion is still really slow. Is this slow performance normal? Why can't I enable VideoBoost after installing the Cuda driver? This is new iMac and Toast 12 Pro is a new install (not an upgrade) with the latest Toast 12 update (12.0.1). Also, I've already experienced a couple of crashes during encoding attempts. Hope someone can help. I miss iDVD and was hoping this would replace it. But if it's normally this slow and crashes a lot.... Thanks!! Brian