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  1. BozoMcBozo

    Toast 11 Won't Open .disc Files

    Thanks again. I tried it with Toast 9 and got the identical "unsupported format" error. I assume if I locate the physical disk with the .disc files and recreate the disk order within Toast 11, I should save the arrangement as a .toast file? Steve
  2. BozoMcBozo

    Toast 11 Won't Open .disc Files

    Thanks for your prompt reply. I have tried the Open command, dragging and dropping from Finder, right clicking and open with Toast. None work. In the same folder I have .toast files, which do work. I could do some sort of conversion .disc > .toast, but have not found any way to do that. Steve
  3. BozoMcBozo

    Toast 11 Won't Open .disc Files

    I've been using Toast for years and now have 11 Titanium. I am attempting to open some .disc files CREATED BY AN EARLIER VERSION OF TOAST and I am being told it's an unsupported format. Please help. Thanks! Steve