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    Burning To 97% Then Hangs

    Tech Support recommended a clean boot, meaning deactivating all services except Microsoft and Roxio and the same for start-up programs. It worked. It looks like one program on the background was interfering. It means I could have done that with Creator 2010 without having to replace it with Creator NXT3. Thank you again to all gurus that tried to help.
  2. LennyDr

    Burning To 97% Then Hangs

    Looks like the screenshot did not go through. It basically said: Burn Project (Not Responding), Open project Check, Encode Movies Check, Encode Menus not checked with an arrow that indicates it s the current process. Record Menus Blank, Complete Blank, Overall progress (97%)
  3. LennyDr

    Burning To 97% Then Hangs

    Thank you to all that replied to help. So I just bought and installed Creator NXT3 today. The cover claims that the program is compatible with W8.x 64 bit and the problem is exactly the same. It stops at 97% encoding menus. I am including a screenshot. Any other suggestion
  4. LennyDr

    Burning To 97% Then Hangs

    Thank you for your input. My mistake, it is mpg file that I created with Creator 10 and the video capture USB hardware that comes with it ad saved it in my hard drive. The file is OK as I can play it on the computer. And then opened Creator 10, > Create DVDs > DVD > Add New Movie > Edit Chapters > Burn The file is 1 hr 24 min, 4671.3 MB as fit to disc and 4000.5 MB as SP but I guess the chapters and menu add up. The mpg file was created as HQ and tried to burn as SP on 4.7 GB and as HQ on 8.5 GB. The burner checks on Encode Movies and reaches 97% on Encode Menus. Then freezes. Funny thing is it let me burn one 4.7 GB with chapters, one 8.5 GB with no chapters and from then on it refused to burn. So I think the problem is W8.1. I am going to re-assemble my old WXP that I cannibalized to salvage parts and give it a shot.
  5. LennyDr

    Burning To 97% Then Hangs

    I captured video and created a file. Then I added chapters. The file fits in a 4.7 Gigs DVD -R. I starts the process normally and when it reaches 97% it hangs. "Program not responding" then I have to cancel the process. The disk looks burned but it does not play. I am using Windows 8.1. It does the same in double layer disks and two different drives. File is JPEG, speed 4.0, tried SP and fit to disk. I have thrown out 8 disks. What am I doing wrong?