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  1. Prof.Cheese

    Resolution And Aspect Ratio

    Excellent - i'll give that a go. Thanks for your help!
  2. Prof.Cheese

    Resolution And Aspect Ratio

    Thanks for the reply. The source video is 720 x 576, film length about 8 mins (although the camera does HD it was set for SD) - i managed to get the aspect ratio sorted by changing the automatic setting over to wide screen. But I noticed that the file size of the film was reduced to about 300mb from its 2 - 3gb original size. If I was to create a DVD image straight from final cut pro it is vastly superior to an external DVD creator. The problem with using FCP is that it only creates a DVD of the current film and I need to create compilation DVDs.
  3. Prof.Cheese

    Resolution And Aspect Ratio

    I'm new to Toast and hoping it will replace iDVD as my creator of choice. Having tried burning some movies I've found it hard to get a resolution that is equivalent to the original file. Also, it seems to find it hard to keep the aspect ratio of the film. The online help section in the software takes me to a dead page on the site. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.