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  1. Well, my most humble apologies, again. Have a nice day all.
  2. My problem was audio related and I no longer have to use windows xp compatibility mode (bizarre workaround indeed) to use the software. Sorry for wasting space here.
  3. I didn't change the operating system, but changes are constantly being made by others. It's alarming to be confronted with a programme, that has always worked from time of purchase (of the laptop) without any change in settings on my part, and which just suddenly stops working. Let me emphasize that I use the programme to run 2d video clips in 3d - which is not quite the same as running 3d movies from dvd. And it's 'until otherwise' 'coz I've only just stumbled on that as a workaround. It's an easy solution in my case and I'm sure ther's no harm in trying compatibilty mode - either it works or it doesn't. Hopefully it will help others - there's another similar thread on wrong file formats which was the error message that kept popping up every time I tried to play a clip.
  4. Subject of this thread may be resolved as follows : set cineplayer to run in windows xp mode. I'm not sure if it will stay like 'that' but until otherwise stated, that's it. Cheers.
  5. Thanks for the reply Digital Guru.
  6. I'd like to protest at this way of conducting business. I too had cineplayer bundled with my 3d laptop and the programme was ideal for playing 2d movies in 3d in real time. Now the programme is unusable - let me rephrase - one of the primary reasons why I brought this particular laptop has suddenly been removed without any warning (and if I want that back I may 'ownly' have to spend another 150 dollars). Is there any way Ipeople like myself can upgrade for free (in view of the fact that cineplayer is no longer being updated). Is there any other programme out there which offers the same capability?