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    Toast 12 Data And Or Photo

    Thanx Tsantee, I have a relatively new 27” iMac. As you know it no longer has a disc drive built in so I will need to get an external disc burner anyway. Will the (UDF) format work for a Blu-Ray disc as well? After I finish this project I want to back up several other libraries (picture & sound) totaling over 250 GB. Then I would like to backup my whole system including all of the external hard drives filled with Pro tools and SketchUp files, so I thought long term I would get good use of a Blu-ray burner? Is Toast 12 good for Back-ups? After an initial entire BU will an update BU in 2 months just update the new files and changes or will it need to make a completely new BU from scratch? Thanx just earning my Newbie status. I have only used Toast years ago to burn cd's.
  2. robroy64

    Toast 12 Data And Or Photo

    Getting ready to burn my 1st Blu-ray disc. I am using Toast 12 Titanium on my Mac with Yosemite 10.10.1. I have approximately 10GB of material consisting of (3) versions of 2200 old family pictures in an iPhoto library that have been edited, same pictures un-edited versions and the original JPEG scans. I want to make the discs readable for both PC & Mac. It’s a present for the grand kids. Thinking they will be able to transfer it in the future when there is a new media available. *Do I make a photo disc and a data disc for them to be able to view the pictures on their PC machines and Blu-ray players? *Should it be done on an M disc for permanent archival purposes? *Also getting ready to buy compatible and appropriate Blu-ray burner for this project any suggestions? Any ideas or suggestions will be greatly appreciated thanx