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  1. Perhaps you all should read the entire thread...I did answer the questions and find the tone of your replies insulting. I am bagging Roxio Nxt2 Pro and using another software; which hopefully isn't as unstable. Goodbye.
  2. Grandpabruce, I just read your post of Oct 2014. I believe I answered all the questions posed related to this issue. I am again having the same problem; which I see has not been resolved. Is there someone out there who can address the issue of random black frames?
  3. bjkjensen

    Roxio Nxt2Pro Won't Open

    Suddenly my Nxt2Pro will not open from shortcut or program. exe; however Videowave will open an existing Roxio Production file and allow editing. There have been no changes to my computer so am totally baffled why this is happening.
  4. bjkjensen

    Mydvd Burning Issues

    cdanteek - yes burner is working correctly. I dragged the project file to the burner; it burned all the project instructions but not the actual project. Jim_Hardin - What is AV? I am not a geek and don't understand that term. Did not install the Roxio program from a disc but have the file downloaded on computer. Are you saying to re-install the software program? I do have the individual "video" files in another format, mp4; which I could probably burn to cd with Windows8; BUT I want the Roxio MyDVD project to work!!!
  5. bjkjensen

    Mydvd Burning Issues

    Well, now I am getting a totally different error.....8004520C error while decoding movie. This happened when trying to burn a small project and again while trying to make a Folder Set. I have never done a Folder Set. What can I do with it after I have a folder set????
  6. bjkjensen

    Mydvd Burning Issues

    Digital Guru, I did try to run a smaller file....got the same results; nothing on disc.
  7. DVD recorder is recognized by program but when burn process starts and shows that it is processing there is no light on my disc recorder and when the process is complete there is nothing on the disc. Using a Samsung laptop, Intel processor i7-3635QM CPU @2.40 GHz 8 GB ram, 64-bit, Windows 8.1; Memorex 8X DVD multi-format Recorder External. I made an iso image of the project but after 2 hours, it said it had a formatting error. I have not tried to burn the iso file to the disc. I have made multi-slide show projects in the past but never with this particular computer. Slideshows were made in Videowave. I tried to burn a single slide show and got the same results (ie. nothing on the disc).