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  1. Have now uninstalled Norton and NXT3. Reinstalled NXT3 first, ran it but still no luck with printing photos in NXT3 photosuit. Printer works with all other program's. Head scratching time.
  2. Hi, yes I can print using other installed program's. I must admit I didn't turn off Norton before installing. Will try and see what happens. Many thanks.
  3. Have just purchase NXT3 Pro. Have a new computer, Win7 Pro, Kodak Pinter Hero 7.1, Norton Internet Security. My problem is that I cannot print Photos from NXT3 Photosuit. I have re-installed NXT3. I have been on line with Norton and Kodak, they have both tried to resolve this problem using remote intervention with no luck. At wits end. Any ideas please.
  4. rob1950


    Sorry my fault. It is Easy Media Creator 10. My concern is that does an upgrade version have to be loaded on top of an old version. If this is the case, how do you put an upgrade on to a new machine that the operating system (win 7 pro) won't accept the old version. Cheers.
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    Hi, do you have to have a previous copy of Creator 10 on the same PC that you want to upgrade to NXT3. I have Creator 10 on my old PC but want to upgrade to NXT 3 on to my new PC. My new PC Operating System (7 Pro) won't work with Creator 10 so I can't install it before upgrade.