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    Dvd Won't Play On Home Machine

    Haven't I asked the question? I stated exactly how I burned the disc. I stated that I am using DVDs that my home machine recognizes. I am asking if anyone knows why my home machine doesn't play them and are there any suggestions as to how to burn the disc differently so it can be played on my home machine... -Than you
  2. MrApollo

    Dvd Won't Play On Home Machine

    Okay. Ask away.
  3. MrApollo

    Dvd Won't Play On Home Machine

    It seems like this question has been asked before and the "experts" fall over each other to just ask more questions... I am using Verbatim DVDs. They are -R. My home machine recognizes -R as I have burned DVDs in the past using other software and my home DVD player plays them just fine. I follow the steps to burn a DVD: 1) Record, edit, save. 2) Import video. I choose a video which was transferred from 8mm using this Roxio software. The burn is completely successfully. I can view the burned disc perfectly on my computer. When the DVD is placed in my home DVD machine, I get an error message that says :"Cannot Play". Any suggestions please..???