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  1. Can't get NXT2 to activate on corporate network test station. Something in the way that Roxio activates makes it think the internet is not available, even though I can get out to websites and get to their website. There is no way that our major defense contractor's IT network is going to make changes to allow a piece of S/W to get activated. We use 100's of other pieces of S/W and don't have this problem. The worst part is now they outsource their support and you CAN'T speak to anyone about technical issues. I even registered the product with my work Email, got my free support number, but when I enter my Email address and the support number it says either the Email address is bad or the number (they sent to my email address) is bad. So I can't even get my 1 free technical support taken care of in my 14 day period. I have sent a corporate Email notification that we should not use Roxio on any individual test stations within the corporation. I will NEVER use Roxio again!
  2. This is just another useless process. Roxio gets bought by larger company and then provides no support. This is not a corporate licensing problem. I am glad to be able to now influence our corporation to NOT use Roxio for individual test station program computers. I have found NO way to be able to communicate with anyone having to do with this problem. There are NO support phone numbers where you can talk to anybody familiar with the product unless you want to buy it. It is pathetic that this is what technical support has come to.
  3. We buy individual packages for installation on test stations. While we are a very large corporation, because of the 'color or money' each program has to buy individual products. We have been using Roxio for years on our test stations. We buy a copy for each station. We install it on 1 station hard drive and clone our drives if we have multiple test stations. Legally we are covered since we have a 'product' (license) for all stations. From what I'm seeing now, there doesn't appear to be any way to install and get the version we just purchased (Roxio NXT2) to work. When I put the S/N in it says there is no internet connection, but I can go to the internet to the USELESS Roxio support page and anywhere else so I'm assuming there is something in their registering the S/W that is trying to do something our corporation firewall doesn't allow. After spending many trying hours trying to speak to someone with no luck, I believe that I will just put out a note to our group stating that newer versions of Roxio can not be used. It is pretty sad that a company doesn't have a way to speak to anyone with technical issues. This should be an easy question to answer. The 'Live Chat' appears to be down at this time. I've tried using the support code that was sent to my Email address TODAY, but when I put that in with my Email address, the one I registered with it says I have a bad support code or bad Email address???? At this point I am thoroughly disgusted. Really POOR support and when I finally got to talk to 2 different individuals, I was told that they have no contact phone numbers for Roxio support. I can either use the phone number to buy it or to get directed to a web site that does nothing. I am done with this product unless someone can get me some answers.
  4. Okay, I work at a major corporation and I can't seem to install Roxio NXT2. Keeps saying that can't get internet connection, but I do have internet connection. Assume it is something with our firewall which I know there is NO WAY they are going to let me change. So I'm guessing Roxio is not a product that can be used on corporate computers (test stations). We have used it for years in the past (older versions) but now with this new BS, I can't even install it. I wonder if they give corporate refunds???