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  1. OK, first the bad news: I disabled AntiVirus and firewall, ran V2D3Plus Driver .exe, and rebooted. As soon as I plugged in the capture device, Windows Update started to install the drivers, with the same result as every previous time. Now, the good news: I decided to try something different. I deleted the drivers, rebooted, turned off AV and firewall, and put the Roxio disk into the drive, choosing "Repair." It went through the entire process and told me to reboot, which I did. After turning the firewall and AV back on, I plugged in the capture device. Windows update started immediately BUT this time it installed both drivers successfully!!!!!! I wish I understood it better, but something you had me do allowed the repair process to work (that was one of the first things I had tried, remember?). I hope to be able to find the correct drivers for those USB controllers, but I'm assuming the generic ones will work ok. At any rate, the capture device is now functional! I can't really express how grateful to you I am (as well as others who responded) for your expertise and patience, and your willingness spend so much time with me. I moderated on a similar forum for a number of years (alarm systems, not computers). I helped quite a few people, although I had a mere 6,000 posts (a slacker compared to you!!). There were cases where I went back and forth with someone for days, just as you've done with me, so I know how time consuming and often frustrating it is. It makes me all the more appreciative of what you have done for me. So thank you, thank you, thank you. Very warm wishes for the Holiday Season and a wonderful new year! - Ken
  2. Well, I deleted all the USB Controller entries and rebooted. Nothing exploded and it appears that all the USB devices were reinstalled, with one change: the "Intel® 6 series/C200 Series Chipset Family USB Enhanced Enhanced Host Controllers" are now "Standard Enhanced PCI to USB Host Controllers". I thought I should check with you for the next step before proceeding. (Run the EasyVHStoDVDv3DriverX64_KZ06AXD1FUL.exe?) - Ken
  3. I definitely don't want to botch things up!! I will follow your instructions. Just to be clear: I'm going to change the Power Management choice for the two USB Root Hub entries, then reboot, I will then uninstall ALL the entries under Universal Serial Bus Controllers. Is that correct? I'm guessing that those USB Controllers will reinstall when I reboot, but it's a little scary! Here is the list of USB Controllers: - Ken
  4. I did reboot..... same result. I was wondering, though....... since the drivers are clearly installed correctly on my wife's machine, what if I copied all the files associated with the device driver and placed them into the same location on my machine? I'm not saying it would be simple, but is there any chance it would work? Here is the list of files I found on her computer under "Driver Details": Driver 1: \windows\emMONA.exe \windows\system32\drivers\BdaSup.sys \windows\system32\drivers\dmk.sys \windows\system32\drivers\emBDA64A.sys \windows\system32\drivers\emOEM64.sys \windows\system32\drivers\ksthunk.sys \windows\system32\drivers\merlinFW.rom \windows\system32\drivers\portcls.sys \windows\system32\emPRP64A.ax \windows\syswow64\emPRPA.ax Driver 2: \windows\system32\drivers\dmk.sys \windows\system32\drivers\ksthunk.sys \windows\system32\drivers\portcls.sys \windows\system32\drivers\USBAUDIO.sys \windows\system32\SysFxUI.dll \winmdows\system32\WMALFXGFXDSP.dll - Ken
  5. Same result. I don't know that we could expect it to have changed, since Windows reported that it couldn't find a driver. I changed (a copy of) that file from .exe to .zip, then I manually extracted it and saw the list of files you showed. But the setup.exe that you pointed to just starts the Install Wizard, Wouldn't that be the same thing as just running the self-extracting .exe file? - Ken
  6. I don't know if it's because EasyVHStoDVDv3DriverX64_KZ06AXD1FUL.exe is zipped, but the result was this: So, the EasyVHStoDVDv3DriverX64_KZ06AXD1FUL.exe is not actually the driver, right? it's a self extracting zip file that contains the Install Wizard and the driver?? Is there a way to just pull the driver itself out? - Ken
  7. Well, I know I'm getting old! So....... I uninstalled the drivers for the webcam, the Kindle, the camera, and (of course) the Roxio capture device drivers (there are no longer any "other" drivers listed). I really don't need the hub at this point, so I unplugged it. I unplugged the Keyspan Serial-to-USB adapter. I don't have a wireless mouse (it's a PS2), but I do have a USB keyboard; My wife's computer has a PS2 keyboard, so I swapped them. I now have NO USB devices plugged in. I again repeated the procedure (logged every step), with the exact same result. Windows Device Driver installation immediately began when I plugged in the capture device; one driver installed correctly, the other reported "No driver found." It may be worth pointing out that the first two or three thousand times I did this, the result was "driver not installed successfully", "unsigned driver", etc. Now, it simply says it can't find a driver. Why would that have changed, if I am constantly deleting all traces of the installation? I really appreciate your continued help and patience with this. I suppose that surrender will become an option at some point...... - Ken
  8. Tried a USB port on the back of the computer: same result. - Ken
  9. I uninstalled the "USB Audio Device" driver, followed the same procedure as previously (kept a log again), same exact result: one "Roxio Video Capture USB" driver installed correctly, the other reported "No Driver Found. I have not tried plugging it into a rear USB port, but I will. - Ken
  10. No. I do have a hub, but I plug the Roxio capture device directly into a front USB port. - Ken
  11. I have no idea what it's for. I looked through its properties; the install date was 10/14/2011...... the same day I bought my computer.
  12. OK, I ran the commands you asked for. I have screen shots of the Device Manager, both before and after I removed the Roxio drivers. Before: After: Of the ones that are grayed out, the Logitech is a webcam that I haven't used for a couple of years. The M-Audio KeyStudio is for a MIDI piano keyboard that I definitely use, although it's been a few months since the last use. I don't know what the others are, but I don't see anything you identified with a red arrow. Just for the record, I have a USB Canon scanner, a USB keyboard, and Keyspan Serial-to-USB converter (for programming alarm systems). - Ken
  13. Sorry.... I wasn't careful in typing the steps I had taken. But just to be sure, I did it once again. Here is the log I kept: Following the procedure, the result was exactly the same as before. Here are screenshots of the Device Manager before and after I plugged in the capture device It seems that Windows does not see the drivers installed by the Roxio program, so it proceeds with looking for drivers using Windows update. Do you agree? What could cause that? - Ken
  14. Exactly! I just did it a couple more times, taking notes, to make sure I wasn't being careless. I delete the drivers from the Device Manager, make sure the capture device is unplugged, run the EasyVHStoDVDv3DriverX64_setup.exe, which completes successfully, then reboot. Once the computer is fully up and running, I plug in the capture device, and the Windows Device Driver Installation begins, using Windows Update. It's extremely frustrating and doesn't really make sense. - Ken
  15. I find it hard to believe as well. But after sitting here for three days, uninstalling, reinstalling, rebooting, reconfiguring, etc., I can't NOT believe it! I've uploaded a screen shot of the InstallShield Wizard telling me that it has successfully installed the device. But in spite of that, I can't get Windows to not try to install its own drivers. I can tell it to "Browse my computer" for driver software, but it never finds it. Shouldn't it already be installed, once the Roxio driver program finishes? - Ken