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  1. peterjay

    Having Trouble Burning To Disc

    Hi, Windows 7 32 bit
  2. peterjay

    Having Trouble Burning To Disc

    I have had Roxio Creator 7 for a number of years, five (5) days ago I purchased Roxio Creator NXT, and could not get to grips with the burn to disc hence the posting on the NXT forum, I hope this explains the situation for you, (Do not use Creator 7 now, only NXT). Kind regards. Peter.
  3. peterjay

    Having Trouble Burning To Disc

    Hello All, Thank you for your response and input, it looks like I have now cracked it, have managed to burn a CD so will have some more practice with it, I have just uninstalled Creator7 (before I installed NXT of course) which I was used to and now I will start to get used to Creator NXT. Thank you once again. Peter.
  4. peterjay

    Having Trouble Burning To Disc

    Yes, It's 100% dpi
  5. peterjay

    Having Trouble Burning To Disc

    Hello, I can see my slide show in the production editor, pics are there, videos are there, music is there and I can play it with preview button great. There is no burn button so I cannot burn from here, so I go back to MyDVD, if I press preview button all I get is this stupid chequerboard pattern playing horrible sound on a loop. I can see the red burn button bottom left but this does not burn my production, it burns this chequerboard pattern and music only. So when I am in this MyDVD mode where is my production and why can't I call it up to burn it. Regards, Peter.
  6. Hello All, Here is my problem and I will try to keep it simple, I have created my slide show but am having trouble burning it to disc.It was created in Videowave it's just as I want it and called Production 1. The problem is how do I burn it to disc, I can call it up in Videowave and play it (but where is the button to burn) output - export as - send to my DVD, export as I did and can view it on VLC player but sound has gone! . When I send to my DVD it seems to want to start a new project ! if I click the box off it still goes into a mode to create a new untitled DVD. So, how do I call up this Production 1 to burn it. Many thanks, Peter.
  7. Hello, Thank you kindly for your response and help, that was a great help. Kind regards. Peter.
  8. Hello All, Can anyone help, I am trying to create a slide show with back ground music which I have done many times before with Roxio 7, no problem. What I am trying to achieve now is, having an intro video with sound something like the 20th Century Fox intro for a few seconds, but how do I get the background music to start at the begining of the first slide and not at the very begining so it does not clash with this first intro video. Many thanks Peter.